Monday, June 11, 2012

A New 10k PR!

That's me in obnoxious day-glo yellow.
What could possibly cause me to get my lazy butt in front of a computer and write a new post for this dilapidated blog? The only possible answers are that I’m back to brag about getting either a new PR or a new pair of shoes for free; in this case it’s both! Go me!

This past Memorial Day was the Bolder Boulder 10k and I ran it in 51:27 which is a 40 second PR. To say that I’m pleased with that time is a gross understatement. My last PR at the 10k distance was in 2008 during the Bush administration. It’s been an eternity since I showed any improvement at the 10k distance and it was getting difficult to keep my ego as inflated as I like it.

So, what was the cause of my new found speed? Was it hard work and training? Hardly. Was it tons and tons of intervals? No thank you. It was as easy as dropping this extra 15lbs that I’ve been carrying around since the Clinton administration. Would you believe that being 15lbs lighter allows you to be faster? Crazy, huh? The product whore in me also wants to tell you that it was probably partially due to the fact that I was wearing those free Saucony Kinvaras that I mentioned in the previous post. I bet they make you run faster.

As for the new pair of shoes that I mentioned in the opening paragraph I’ll have more about those later (probably much later given my recent posting frequency). For now let’s just say that Mizuno has invited me to be a part of the Mezamashii project which I can only assume has something to do with forgiveness and being kind to your enemies since I’ve only ever had bad things to say about Mizuno on this blog. One time I even wrote a limerick about my Mizunos. You can find out more about the Mezamashii Project here including the literal translation of the word which is from the Japanese, ‘meza’ meaning can’t be bothered and ‘mashii’ meaning to check for previous posts on the topic. The Japanese language is such a compact yet oddly specific language.


  1. I love when I just randomly check this blog and voila a new post. Congrats on the PR! 15 pounds, eh? well congrats on that too!

  2. I think the motivation for this post was to show a race pic of you that "almost" looks like you're not sporting the cargo shorts. :)
    (for old times' sake)

  3. I ran this most recent Bolder Boulder too! I actually kinda wondered if you were running it, but I couldn't find you among the 50K of runners! ;)

    Plus, I was much slower. The slip n slide delayed me!

    Most awesome race I've ever run. Definitely going back again.

  4. So you lost 15 pounds, huh? Isn't that the average weight difference between cargo shorts and actual running shorts? Glad you finally came to your senses - all those canvas pockets were really slowing you down.

  5. I too have a hard time PR'ing. It's like trying to have an orgasm.....takes forEVER. Congratulations! And at altitude-


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