Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Running Infographic: Men vs. Women

You know what the problem is with all these infographics? It’s that they’re too easy to consume. They’re put together with lots of pretty pictures to distract you and then lazy bloggers post them because it makes for a fun, easy post with minimal writing involved. We just accept everything we see on these charts as FACT and that’s a dangerous thing to do, which is why I did a lot of research before posting the infographic below. OK, that’s a blatant lie. I just ooooohhed and aaaaahhed at the pretty colors and posted it without a second thought. That’s how I roll here at Half-Fast.


Brought to you by Running Music

So, why did they title it Sports Bras vs. Speedos? Who runs in Speedos? I might have to try it, they’ve got to be more comfortable than running in these cargo shorts.


  1. you know, if you wait long enough, cargo shorts will be all the rage.

  2. Don't listen to Nitmos. Not all of us have the luxury of hanging around the house all day to write blog posts like he does. I just the other day made a blog post out of one dumb least yours has several images.

  3. That middle graphic is terribly misleading. It makes it look like 90% of all runners prefer the marathon... Which is definitely not true - at least in the US. Odd.


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