Saturday, November 5, 2011


I’m getting old. That’s the first update. Lately it seems like something always hurts; my calf, my groin, my back, the list goes on and on. I never realized when I wrote this poem that it would turn out to be prophetic. Not only does everything hurt, but everything gets injured easier and heals slower. Getting older sucks.

My days are numbered. No, not in terms of life, in terms of continuing to be faster than my boys. David and Graham ran the Granby Gutbuster 5k over the summer. Their previous 5k PRs were both in the 37 minute range but they managed to complete it in 30:13 and 33:20. That was good enough to put David (age 8) 3rd in the Under 12 age group and Graham (age 6) 5th. Our families keep telling us that we obviously passed on the running talent to our kids but I’m starting to suspect that these aren’t my children because I don’t have any running talent. I have to work very hard at running to be this mediocre. I’m the 99% of running talent.

Finally, Candis and I ran the Denver Half Marathon last month. Naturally, I managed to roll an ankle right in the middle of my training and couldn’t run for a month (see first paragraph). I finished in 2:08 and Candis in 2:12. Those are hardly the times of ‘talented’ runners. We are middle-of-the-packers for life, not to be confused with the extremely talented Green Bay Packers.


  1. You once said, "Bigger is better." Does that also pertain to injuries? Cheers!

  2. Wow. A 5-day-old Vanilly post with only one lonely comment on it. (Good think you've got comment moderation turned on! Otherwise, you might have TWO comments.) I guess people are not just blaming faceless bankers for the mess they made of our economy; they're blaming you personally, and therefore shunning you, staying away in droves.

    Not me, though!

    Don't get me wrong: I do blame you personally, but my tactic?

    OCCUPY HALF-FAST! (Hashtag: #OHF)

    I just thought it was about time somebody gave Teh Lamestream Librul Media something marginally new to ignore.

    I bet they ignore you AND this occupation, too. Sooooo typical.

    Your stupid prophetic poem didn't see this coming, did it?* (Ahem ... That's what she said.)

    * O, wait. I missed this verse somehow:

    People were ignoring me -
    I sat right down and cried
    Till, like a filthy Port-O-Pot,
    My blog was occupied.

  3. Typical. Now comment moderation is turned off.

    Will you stop at nothing to make a liar of me?

    Joke's on you. I was a liar before I even got here.

  4. Those are some sweet times your boys got at the 5k. An 8 and 6 year old running a 5k is really impressive. I am laughing because my 9-year-old just ran the 1-mile Turkey Trot at school and you'd think she ran a marathon. She was exhausted but quite pleased because she came in 14th place, out of about 100 kids (but she keeps telling me it was 2 miles...I don't have the heart to tell her otherwise.)

  5. Don't let age or injuries get you down. You are handed certain cards and those are what you have to play with. Don't try to be anyone else but yourself. If you are a certain speed, be a certain speed. Keep up the training and keep your head up.

  6. Well, looky looky, look who stumbled in to give us an update. At least its filled with signs of a midlife crisis. Your virtual tears will fuel me for another few months!


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