Friday, April 2, 2010

The Long Con

Yesterday I concluded a two part April Fools’ Day joke. After posting an April Fools’ day joke the previous two years I knew that some of you might suspect something and needed a way to throw you off the scent. I came up with the idea of the multi-day fool a couple of years ago when another blog I read (Cynical Dad) pulled it off to perfection with a 3 day story, concluding on April 1st. (You see how I both credited the original source AND took credit for the idea in that last sentence? There’s a fine line between Ian and genius and I just blurred it.) However, three days of foolery sounded like a lot of work so naturally I cut it down to two, that’s the way I roll here at Half-Fast. (It’s still cool to say “that’s how I roll,” right?)

As with any good lie, large portions of the story were true. In fact, everything I wrote in Act 1 was true, and a large part of Act 2 was true. I’ve gone back through yesterday’s post and changed the text color to red on any part that was NOT true, but if you’re too lazy to re-read it I’ll give a quick summation. The kid and most of his antics were real, although I may have over-emphasized how annoying he was. I never actually said anything to the kid but I did roll my eyes and sigh a lot to express my annoyance like the mature adult that I am. After ten minutes in the fitness center the kid left and never came back, and I never met his father and I’ve still never fallen off a treadmill and I NEVER WILL! Also, I have no idea how I will follow this up next year. Perhaps I’ll fool you all by confessing to some heinous thing that I did and telling you on April 1st, but the joke will be that it’s all true and no one will believe me. Gotcha! Or maybe I’ll make up a funny April Fools’ story, but post it on March 1st when no one’s expecting it. Oh, that’s a good one. ZING!!

A lot of people hate April Fools’ Day, not me, I love it. I’m suspicious of everything on April 1st. “Well I have a green light, but maybe this is an elaborate joke and we all have a green light? I should just sit here so I don’t look like a fool.” I cannot be had, do you hear me? OK, occasionally someone gets me and I love it even more when that happens. Well played, good sir.

Yesterday my favorite running related pranks were the Boston Marathon lowering their qualifying times and Gu adding some delicious new flavors recapped here by Steve. Liver ‘n’ Onions anyone? My least favorite one was Xenia’s since it was posted before mine and alerted some of you to what I was doing.

UPDATE: According to Mike at Running Is Funny the Boston Marathon pulled no such prank. Apparently it was a fake site that had everyone up in arms over the new lower qualifying times and the Boston Athletic Association is none to thrilled and looking to take legal action.


  1. Someone's bitter.

    Hey, my time zone is the only bonus I have. Because I'm over here, I never get contacted to shill crap like you lot. I miss living in greed-fueled America.

    Happy Easter to you!

  2. I am glad the kid part of the story was true because I laughed pretty hard at that and I would hate to think that I had been made a fool of.

  3. I will admit, I was "mostly" sucked in. What gave me pause was the spill on the treadmill since I never took you for a retard. That might be a compliment.

  4. I bet you enjoyed the MWAHAHA directed at us. Well played for sure.

  5. I also mistrust everything on April 1st. Anytime anyone puts a deadline out there of April 1, I just have to roll my eyes - no chance that's going to be met.

  6. Gawd, Boston takes itself WAY to seriously if they are pursuing legal action over that. Or maybe they are just mad they didn't think of it first.

    I, on the other hand, get taken EVERY SINGLE YEAR, because I forget that April 1 is April Fool's. For example, this year, my 6-year old told me that there was a fox in our yard when she got home from school. And I promptly got out the BB gun. Silly old me! And yes, I was slightly pissed last year that you were going to start charging for access to your blog. (Of course I would have stopped reading if that were the case.)

  7. Pretty good post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!


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