Friday, March 12, 2010

Half-Fast Friday: Virtual Race Report

Shouldn’t a virtual race be one that I get to run virtually? You know like on Wii Fit or something? I feel like I was conned when I signed up for this thing. Nevertheless, last night I went out and ran an actual 6.66 miles as part of Razz’s GW,MA!6.66MR. My FIRST training schedule called for a 7 mile run last night (1 easy, 2 tempo, 1 easy, 2 tempo, 1 easy) and I certainly contemplated just running 6.66 miles as fast as I could but ended up sticking to the suggested pacing. Far be it from me to question the authority of FIRST.

Yes, that means that my virtual race had 2.66 miles of easy running sprinkled throughout it but I think that was necessary for the following three reasons: 1. You can’t boast about being faster than me because I was taking it easy. 2. I’m lazy. 3. It was important to show a certain amount of disdain for Razz’s virtual race and what better way to do that than by throwing in a few apathetic miles.

The Results: 6.66 miles in 59:12, that’s an 8:54 pace. Meh.

Because no race report is ever complete without some excuses I feel like I should also mention that I’m still getting over a cold so I didn’t have a lot of energy for this race and it was really windy and it was hilly and it was at altitude. Basically what I’m trying to say is that my race was tougher than your race, but good job on beating me if you did. Bully for you. Try to not let the fact that I was throwing in easy miles tarnish your victory.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


  1. Hmmm, I thought all of your miles were apathetic. I didn't reaize you made a distinction.

    Well, anyow great 3/5 job!

  2. Is altitude really an excuses since you live there? You're putting more effort into your excuses than you are your running.

  3. Congratulations on your virtual race completion. How was the weather and the course? There's gotta be at least one excuse in those two factors.

  4. Hey that's still a great time. no need to down play it with the "meh." And I hope you aren't getting a cold!

  5. Did you say "altitude" or "attitude"...

  6. Hey, you beat me. Feel free to hang you hat on that!

  7. Good job on the whining! If it makes you feel any better, I had to DQ myself b/c I kept forgetting I was supposed to be timing myself for 6.66 every time I was out there.


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