Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Avoid Halloween Candy

It’s that time of year again when you find yourself with so many opportunities to teach your kids about sharing as you sample the Halloween candy that they’ve collected and take that last fun size Snickers for yourself. Like many of you, I try not to overdo it with the Halloween candy. I mean I rationalize it away by saying that I’m a runner and I need the energy or carbs and that I’ll just run an extra mile or two tomorrow to make up for that fistful of Candy Corn, but the truth is I rarely run an extra anything. So, in order to maintain my finely tuned runner’s body (finely tuned like a kazoo) I find the best policy is to try to avoid the Halloween candy. Here are some of the best candy avoidance techniques that I’ve come up with:

Aversion Therapy
Every time you eat a piece of candy have your spouse tell you you’re fat. Eventually you will learn to associate eating candy with being fat and your spouse’s disapproval. If this doesn’t work then have your spouse tell you you’re fat while smacking you upside your head.

Exposure Therapy
Go out right now and buy as much candy as you can. Consume it all at once. Repeat until you become nauseated by the candy and the undulating waves of sugar highs and crashes. If you’re not getting sick, you’re not eating enough candy. I suppose it would be more accurately termed Over-Exposure Therapy.

Fat Disgusting Picture Therapy
Just look at this fat disgusting picture. If you still feel like eating anything then there’s no helping you.

Bacon Therapy
Eat bacon instead of candy. Bacon tastes good, but it’s kind of salty and it doesn’t go well with candy. Also, you probably don’t want to ruin that delicious bacon taste that you have in your mouth now by eating candy. I’m not sure that this is really a healthier option than candy but this isn’t a healthy eating list, it’s a candy avoidance list and the bacon thing will work. Trust me.

Beer Therapy
Beer does not taste good with candy. I cannot enjoy a beer and simultaneously be eating candy. ‘But Ian,’ you say ‘what about when I’m done with the beer? Won’t I be tempted to eat candy when I stop drinking beer?’ Solution: Don’t stop drinking beer.

Sex Therapy
Make sweet, sweet love to your spouse. I don’t know why this would help you not eat any candy, but mmmm boy, it sure does sound like fun doesn’t it? Plus now that it’s officially part of this candy avoidance list you have one more tool at your disposal to help you plead your case. Not that you need any help since you are probably already using my handy pick-up lines.*

Germaphobe Therapy
Pretend the candy is covered in swine flu, which it probably is since it has been sitting in that bowl and all those kids have been reaching their grubby little hands in there, snot nosed little Petri dishes that they are. Candy corn is a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria.

Punishment Therapy
Think of ways to punish yourself for eating any Halloween candy, because I understand that this kind of obsessive, self-destructive behavior is a healthy way to think about food. If you can get to a point where you start hating yourself for eating candy you’re well on your way to a candy-free Halloween and probably an eating disorder too. Hey, it’s not so bad. At least you’ll be skinny and happy OK, so maybe just skinny.

That’s it, that’s all the suggestions I have. Best of luck giving yourself a candyectomy this Halloween season and remember, if you must eat Halloween candy, eat it while you run. Who needs sport beans and gels when you can chow down on candy corn and pop rocks.

*If you are using those pick-up lines you really do need help, but not the kind that you'll find here, professional help.


  1. Mr. Half-Fast, thanks for taking my call. Is there some strange behind-the-scenes allusion to your spouse being named "Candis"? I'll hang up and let you comment. ;)

  2. Candy corn? *gag*

    I'm going with the beer therapy. Got me through college, too.

  3. Baby, I am your therapy ;)

    o, and you made me want to go add candy corn to the grocery list.

  4. Wait a second. Candy is bad for you?

  5. You are wrong about the bacon and beer. They go with EVERYTHING.

  6. you obviously have never tried chocolate-dipped bacon. It's sweeping the nation, you know.

  7. I'm going to try the Exposure Therapy right now. I can't wait to puke! then I'll try the Bacon Therapy. when in Rome.

  8. Not surprising, but I disagree. I like the combo of salty and sweet, and have you ever had candied bacon?

    And chocolate and beer go together just fine with the proper pairing. Perhaps you're just drinking the wrong beer or eating the wrong candy. Beer and candy works! (But Scotch and candy works better.)

  9. who said bacon doesnt go with candy? have you never had a reeses peanut butter cup with bacon?

    me either. but how do two rights make a wrong?

  10. Germaphobe Therapy will be my method of choice as the rest either do not sound appealing at all or I lack a partner. ;)

  11. I'm still trying to figure out what bacon doesn't go with and trust me, so far it has been a dry well.

  12. AHHH! You should have warned me about "that" picture of the...person who ate too much candy. It was SCARY, beyond Halloween scary!
    This post made me laugh out loud but I still have a desire to eat candy. Those little mallow pumpkins, yummy!

  13. There are candy bars made with bacon bits embedded. Everything goes with bacon.

  14. why would anyone want to avoid candy? its like avoiding sleeping ... or bathing.

  15. No therapy can get me to not eat candy. NO THERAPY at all. I'm sick. So sick.

  16. Is it wrong that at Halloween I am secretly glad my daughter is allergic to nuts and thus we must siphon off *EVERY* piece of candy with even a hint of a nut in it? "ooh no honey, that's a peanut one (plain M&Ms), better hand it to mommy..." and in my experience, the Exposure Therapy does NOT work. At all. At all, all. Nope.

  17. ok. i feel like schmuck. saturday will be my 2 year anniversary of NO CANDY. yep. first 2 weeks were horrible, because as an RN i LOVED me some dark chocolate...daily...but then stopped. my 16 year old son and i go round and round about the chips in my mint chocolate chip icecream... but that's ok, right? right?
    fun post. again. good thing your wife's name isn't Beer.

  18. You left out a key component of the Exposure Therapy. After eating all the candy you possibly can eat, then you have to go to the track and run mile intervals at 30 seconds per mile faster than 10K pace.

    That will cure you.


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