Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anthony Edwards is Running

Check out the hilarious new video from Funny or Die via the always humorous Mark Remy from RW Daily.

Anthony Edwards has finally found a way to get back into television: The ING New York City Marathon. Listen and learn as he tells you about his preparation and planning for this spectacular live television event.

I’m so brushing my teeth with Accelerade on race mornings from now on.

Yeah, that’s all I got today.


  1. LOL! Awesome! I'll be watching.

  2. Damn, I was just going to watch to cheer on Ryan Hall, but I'll have to see if Anythony Edwards can act his way to the front of the pack.

  3. Yeah, he was just in RW -- this month? Last month? One of the two.

  4. Obviously the real reason I am going to NY. This is hilarious!

    I'm stealing it and putting it on my blog.

  5. "A lot of runners get tired. That can happen."
    I'm crying with laughter.

  6. I also admire RunDMC. Looks like he and I have a lot in common.

  7. Damn, this may be more lazy than bullets.


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