Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Truth

[by Candis]

And now the real truth. Someone in this household is yet to have a PR this year (ahem - Ian).

While I normally play the part of a loving supportive wife, this role has been suspended for the day in lieu of a demonstration on superior racing strategies and the truth of who is really getting faster in this household.

Exhibit A: The Bolder Boulder 10K- almost 2 minutes slower. “Aw honey just a bad race.”
Exhibit B: Granby Gutbuster 5K- 30 seconds slower. “Aw honey it was at altitude.”
Exhibit C: Georgetown Half-Marathon- 7 minutes slower. “Aw honey downhill sucks.”
Exhibit D: no swimming or biking

Mrs. Half-Fast
Exhibit A: Bolder Boulder 10K- shaved over 6 minutes
Exhibit B: Tri Babes Sprint Triathlon - shaved almost 10 minutes

Ian once told me when a friend of ours went out without training and ran a 48 minute 10K, that “some people are just fast”

Apparently some people are just fast honey (ahem - me).

(Before you defend the sweet talking Mr. Half-Fast- You should not grant your wife posting access, then trash talk and get in the shower.)


  1. In order to support the continued deterioration of Vanilla, I must cheer for Candis!

  2. I love marital comeuppance!

    But don't tell my wife.

  3. Some people are just full of excuses. Its a shame. There is no excuse for it. Well, unless its some type of syndrome. Or unless there is some sort of mental capacity issue. Or perhaps just because its a day that ends in y.

  4. If it makes everybody feel better ... I've narrowed my slow days down to those with vowels ...

  5. Girls rule, boys drool! I hope you kicked his ass htis weekend.

  6. I assume you stayed behind the skirt in this race for the best view?

    Say it ain't so....

  7. LOL...tell him to start running like a girl....


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