Friday, July 24, 2009

Must Resist Urge


  1. I give you until lap 17 on your 48.24 laps quest until you give in.

  2. I'm not sure I get it.

    Are you saying you want to f**k that hurdle?

    It is kinda comely and I know I wouldn't kick it outta bed for eating crackers, but it is also, frankly, kinda outta your league. Even so, normally I'd say "GO FOR IT, DUDE!" But since you stupidly blogged about this desire of yours, Candis probably knows, so now the whole thing is outta the question.

    Nice going. The only one you screwed is yourself.

    THINK before you blog, man! THINK!

  3. Don't push your wife in that.

  4. Amazing how little energy for leaping you have after running a few miles.

    Those hurdles don't give. At all. It isn't pretty...

  5. Here's what you do:

    You promise us to videotape you jumping in ONLY if we donate to Relay for Life. You get humiliated/wet, we get entertained, Relay for Life gets some $$. Win win win.

  6. My husband was on the track team in college, and he said his favorite thing to do was sit near the water with a bag of sunflower seeds and watch the woman's steeple chase. At D-III meets, someone was always crashing.

  7. Crossing fingers for a face-plant video ...


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