Friday, July 24, 2009

48 Laps

Tonight I’m doing my long run (12 miles) on a track as part of the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. You can donate by visiting my fundraising page, and if you need a little tugging on your heartstrings then you can read my post from a couple of days ago. If you need a little tugging on anything else you can do that on your own time.

As Nitmos astutely pointed out in that previous post, 12 miles on a track is actually a little more than 48 laps due to a mile being a little more than 1609 meters. So technically I’d have to run 48.28 laps but it seems highly improbable that I’ll fell like doing an extra quarter lap after having done 48. I’ll probably let you know what I decide to do about this matter in a 3 post series next week. It will be captivating.

To ready myself for the boredom that comes from running 48 (and a quarter, maybe) laps on a track I’ve been doing some preparation exercises. Things like:
  • Watching paint dry.
  • Watching fishing on TV.
  • Reading all of Nitmos’ archives. (Zing!)
  • Slowly spinning around and around in my office chair.
  • Working.
  • Talking on the phone to my Mother. (Hi Mom!)
  • Watching the Hallmark Movie Channel.

Hopefully I won’t get too bored, but maybe I’ll take my Blackberry and surf the internet while I run just to be safe. Although, I somehow doubt that would actually be safe. You’ve got to keep your head on a swivel when you’re at the track otherwise you’ll end up like the girl in this short 9 second video. I bet you watch it more than once.

Now, please go donate. Do it for the moral sense of superiority that it will give you, do it for the tax break, do it because you don’t want to be seen as less generous than this guy.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Real men do 48.28. I will say nothing further.

  2. the most i've done is 32 straight laps, but that was broken up into 200m sprints and recoveries.
    skipping the .28 means you'll be just as bad as the people who claim marathons when they've actually run something shorter. no, wait, you'll be worse because you know better. much, much worse.

  3. Maybe you can get The Biggest Loser to drive you the last .28 miles.

  4. Sounds like a fun Friday night. Have fun with that.

    And since I donated, I fully expect a t-shirt or someshit in the mail.

  5. the best part about that video is the guy sitting to the left behind them. his face is hilarious!!!!!

  6. I'm willing to bet that that girl has a hell of a headache.

    "Impact in t-minus..."

    BTW, running on a track...oh yeah, kill me now.

  7. I for one will be supportive of you in this comment.

    I fully support the fact that you are going to be bored as hell.

    At least it's for a good cause.

  8. yes, going round and round on the office chair would be perfect preparation!

    now, go make those walkers' heads spin :) :)

  9. That's an awesome video. He hit her hard enough to knock the hair dye right outta both of them. Good stuff.

  10. Spinning around in my office chair is one of my favorite pastimes! Although, I’ve found that the people that sit around me can’t fully enjoy the experience unless I go as fast as possible – and then stumble into their cubes…

  11. I think I watched that video about 12 1/4 times. I also love the guy in the background's face. You can see him going, "OWWWWWWWWWWHHHH $HIT!"

    I once did 70 laps at my local indor track to hit my 7 mile run. It was ghastly.


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