Wednesday, July 1, 2009

30 Days, 30 Runs, 30 New Curse Words Learned

You know how sometimes people decide to do something (e.g. running) every day for a set period of time (e.g. 30 days) and then when that period of time comes to an end they decide they’re just going to keep doing the thing they were doing every day anyway because they wouldn't know what to do if they stopped, or they feel like they’re on such a roll that they just can’t stop? You know how that sometimes happens? Yeah, me neither. What the hell is wrong with those people? My 30 day running streak is over and I’m taking some days off. That’s right, days - plural!

The streak will officially be over at midnight tonight. I knew from the start that I would not be enticed by the thought of continuing the streak, just as I knew before my marathon that I wasn’t going to get bitten by the marathon bug and sign up for another one. I accomplished my goal of running at least a mile for 30 straight days and I learned a very important lesson: I need my rest days. My joints hurt, my muscles are stiff in all the wrong places and my pace has deteriorated faster than everyone’s respect for Governor Sanford. Running every day in the month of June has pushed me to the brink of burnout, I know this because usually when I see runners during my morning commute I wish that I could be out running with them. This morning I saw a couple of runners and thought “ha ha suckers! I don’t have to run today, it’s July!” So yeah, I’m taking a couple of days off and then I’m getting back into it. I’ve got 6 weeks before the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon so it shouldn’t take long for motivation to kick in.

Here are numbers for June:
Total Miles: 105 - New monthly PR!
# of Runs: 30 - (Duh!)
Average Pace: 9:36
# of 1 mile runs: 11 (Way more than I wanted.)
# of innocent bystanders I innocently screamed at during runs: 2
# of different shoes used for running in June: 4
Chance of me doing this ever again: 0%

Site News
I’m taking a little Blog Sabbatical this week (present post excluded) because I’ve never really taken any time away from this blog and because I deserve it. I’ll be back again on Monday, unless I decide to make it a 2 week sabbatical in which case I’ll see you all the following Monday. I hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July, and I’ll catch you all on the flip side.


  1. Congratulations. The most impressive part is that you got through the 30 days with very little least, on this blog.

    Happy 4th. Isn't it weird for you to celebrate that?

  2. Yeah, way to stick with it. Glad you did it?

  3. Turi: I probably will be glad I did it at some point.

    Nitmos: I AM AN AMERICAN!!

  4. Congrats on sticking to it for the entire 30 days!

    Enjoy your blog sabbatical.

  5. Are you absolutely sure those bystanders were that innocent?

    Besides, look at it in a positive light. Since you graced them with what I am sure were sonnets of affirmation, they now have a story to tell to their friends about "some random runner..."

    Oh yeah, what everyone else said about your streak.

  6. Congrats on sticking with it! For your stiffness (heheh) I prescribe several gallons of beer and/or Captian Morgan and/or sweet-tea vodka over this holiday weekend. That ought to loosen you up nicely, and may prompt a different kind of streaking!

  7. Not to me you aren't.

    Time for tea?

  8. I guess congratulations are in order. I guess.

    Nitmos, Vanilla's people are still in denial about the ass-whoopin we gave them 233 years ago.

  9. Yeah, do you have to go to work on Friday? Doesn't seem right that you get the day off too.

  10. Way to go! Just don't make it a 30-day no-blogging streak. We would be sad.

  11. Congrats on sticking it out!!

    Enjoy your time off :)

  12. I thought there'd be way more complaining, or at least some entertainment from the streak. Alas, wrong again. Happy 4th. Enjoy your break.

  13. sabbatical? Sabbatical? That's against running blog policy!! Oh, well, just make sure you're back Monday :)

    Nice on the 30 days and mileage PR!

  14. I hope you enjoy your chill time and have the opportunity to bury your feet in the sand of a hot beach doing absolutely nothing.

    Happy 4th.

  15. Grats on thirty days in a row and the monthly mileage PR!
    I think I will miss the random streaking photos the most.
    You should probably cap off the streak with something like that...

    Remember if you decide to try it again, you only have to make 365 days to get on the official list!

  16. I would like you to please share some of those 30 new curse words please? Because I am in need of some variety in my swear rotation. When my kids can correctly anticipate which one I'll use in a given situation, it's time to throw them a curve ball.

    Oh and good job on the streak. Though I don't know that a single-mile run should actually count as a run since it's really more of a warm up but hey, I'll let it slide cause I'm too lazy to actually do anything in protest.

  17. Come on, man up! I ran for 275 straight and I'm a girl! (Okay, I'm done mocking you, but I just found your blog and reading for just a little bit, I can tell you can take a little abuse.) I'm trying to run every day for a year. I did 9 months before, but messed up. So I'm trying again. You can come mock me on my blog if you want, lol.


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