Friday, April 24, 2009

Phone it in Friday

Hey, who wants to see a video of some guy named Danny MacAskill doing some tricks on his bike? I hope you answered yes, because that’s what you’re getting today. Speaking of bikes I rode mine the other night, but Candis says it doesn’t count. I got home from a 7 mile tempo run and was invited to a friend’s house for some drinks to celebrate his wife passing her nursing exam (whatever that thing is called). Congrats Ruth! Anyway, since they live literally 2 blocks away we usually walk but I didn’t feel like walking on account of the 7 tempo miles I had just run and driving 2 blocks seemed too lazy, even for me (not that I haven’t driven to his house in the past) so I rode my bike there. And back! Isn’t that what you triathletes call a brick workout? Candis laughed when I suggested this and said no, but what does she know?

Update on yesterday’s BBQ post:  Last night I did a 3 mile easy run and when I got home Candis was grilling chicken on the BBQ, so despite her refusal to acknowledge my brick workout she’s still OK in my book. I think I’ll keep her. Naturally, I still found some things about the meal to complain about i.e. I didn’t smell anyone grilling on my run last night so I wasn’t particularly in the mood for BBQ.

The video below, like many of the videos that I post, was found at With Leather and features Danny MacAskill doing all kinds of sick stunts on his bike. Incidentally, for a guy that has obviously spent a lot of time on a bike seat, MacAskill ranks right up there with Bolt on the name-to-sport appropriateness scale.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Nice work Candis! Since I'm one of "those wives" who doesn't really know how to turn on the grill, you're luckier than my husband.

  2. Hilarious.

    Also, I think its wise to keep finding something to complain about. Keep 'em on her toes.

  3. I live in Edinburgh and SAW this trick along the fence at the beginning while walking home. Awesome.

    I would say that was a brick workout, definitely.

  4. Speaking of appropriate names, because of my bike riding skills as youth, my name was 'Crash.' If I had kept up with such practices, you'd probably see me doing sweet tricks in those other videos With Leather posts -- you know, like face plants, ball busters and such.


  5. I am assuming you own the only copy of this video. I am asking you to destroy it now because my son must never see it because these are the very sort of idiot tricks he would probably try on his bike.

    He would not pull them off.

    Thank you.

    (I will be checking back in to see that you have taken this down and destroyed it.)

  6. Wow, you're a lucky man. I need to try posting about how I hate the smell of freshly baked cookies tempting me on my runs and see what happens.

  7. so it works somewhat like this.

    Monday: complain about wanting chicken while eating pork

    Tuesday: complain about wanting
    tacos while eating pork

    Wednesday: complain about wanting
    BBQ while eating tacos

    Thursday: complain about wanting steak while eating BBQ

    Friday: complain about wanting pizza while eating steak

    Saturday: complain about having so many leftovers while eating delivery pizza

    Sunday: complain about wanting chicken while eating leftovers


  8. NCLEX (go Ruth!).

    Not a brick.

    Poor Candis.

  9. If a brick meant riding two blocks and then stopping by a friend's for a few drinks, I'd be down with the whole "triathlete" business.

  10. I wonder what kind of health plan Danny has? Just somethings you like to ponder....

    Have a great weekend (favorite spice in the rack).

  11. Ah. The old have-a-few-drinks-then-hop-on-the-bike-cuz-its-only-a-few-blocks trick.


  12. Hmmmm... did you make the kids run behind you while you were biking? Maybe that's what made Candis so unsympathetic.

  13. Wait a minute - you let your WIFE touch your BBQ? I thought this was a man's blog! What else do you share: mascara?


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