Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Track Coach

I don’t really have a post this morning because I spent several hours playing around on this cool new site instead of composing a post for you. You may have already seen the site if you follow The Bloggess or Cranky Fitness or any number of other blogs that were quicker on the uptake than I was. Basically, the site allows you to create movies using characters like the ones you see below and it’s just plain fun to see what kinds of inappropriate things you can make them say.

My first creation is just barely over a minute long. I hope that you enjoy it because it’s all you’re getting from me today.

And that, kids, is why you don’t do steroids.
If you have trouble with the embedded video player click here to view it at xtra normal.


  1. awesome!!!! I know where I am spending the afternoon

  2. That's awesome. Please tell me that there's a part II in the works.

  3. I liked how the Coach had forearms that were bigger than his biceps.

  4. I wasn't expecting the balls.

  5. Holy crap! This was great!

  6. Why was there a buzz during her statement, "I'm pretty sure I know hair on my *buzz* chest when I see it?" I'm confused...


    Lol! Very funny!

  7. Brilliant! Better than anything else I saw on the site, you are clearly a fast runner, and can write some pretty good dialog too...

  8. LOL....

    I better not go there, I barely have enough time to read blogs.


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