Friday, February 13, 2009

You’ve Got Questions...

... We’ve got answers. We are going to be recording another edition of the Laugh Tracks podcast for Runners’ Lounge on Monday evening. We’ve been tinkering with the format of the podcast, which is to say that going forward we hope that the podcast will follow some kind of format, and one of the sections that we hope to feature on a regular basis is a section where we answer your questions. So if you have any running related questions or if you have any questions about anything at all then please leave them in the comments at one of our blogs and we’ll try to answer some of them on the podcast. We’ll even try to pimp your blog if we answer your question so you might get an extra hit or two over the course of the week.

Nitmos, who is on sabbatical from blogging, has even said that he might try to make an appearance on the podcast so I apologize for that in advance. Amy, Razz, and I will round out the panel of experts that will be answering your questions and we guarantee that we cannot be stumped and nothing is off limits. I’m totally making this all up as I type this post but I’m sure those guys will back me up on these guarantees.

Free Giveaway!
Be sure to come back to Half-Fast on Monday as I’ll be hosting another free giveaway that’s open to anyone and everyone! You may have noticed that I don’t often do giveaways and when I do hold a giveaway, they’re not the cheap, crappy giveaways that you see on some blogs; offering you a chance to win a bottle of water or a set of 4 safety pins for your next race. (Disclaimer: I’m not thinking of any blogs specifically with this statement, if you recently gave away a set of 4 safety pins or a bottle of water on your blog I thought it was totally cool and I was super bummed that I didn’t win!) I’m not going to tell you what I’m giving away on Monday because I get off on being withholding, but I will say that the dollar value of the prize is probably somewhere in the region of $120, and no it’s not a vial of sweet Vanilla sweat. That retails way north of $300.

Leave a question in the comments or else I won’t be sharing my Valentines conversation hearts with you, not even the yucky wintergreen ones.


  1. Funny I was thinking it was going to be a jar Vanilla shit. That retails for that much, right?

  2. Here's a question....when the hell is Nitmos coming back?

    And why did you go with the name Vanilla? I've always sort of wondered.

    Totally not running related, but then again, laugh tracks rarely is.

  3. I thought the old format was "annoying rambling." No? Huh, weird.

    Here's a question: How do you re-tie your shoes mid-race without slowing down?


  4. I have a question:

    Who's the sexy beeyatch that edits the show?

  5. I have a question: At one point, I was MIA at the same time that Nitmos was and there was some speculation (among those who probably believed that Thomas Pynchon and JD Salinger were one and the same) that Nitmos and I were one and the same. Crazy, I know. But my question: Would one of you PLEASE kill Nitmos during this podcast so that when I keep posting after that, people will finally understand that I am me as he is he and you are she and we are all together?

    And DON'T subcontract this hit to Nic because ... well, let's just say that guy runs better than he assassinates. All talk; no kill.

    It would be okay to subcontract it to Candis because she actually STARTS her projects, I hear.

  6. Question: Is it inappropriate to say to a volunteer, as they kneel down to remove your race chip, "Is that all you are going to do down there?" Because, it seems to me, the least they could do is retie your laces.

  7. Huh. I've never had to pay $300 for Vanilla extract. I must be getting the imitation stuff.

  8. The white conversation hearts are beyond gross. Beyond.

  9. Never knew you were a conversation heart kind of guy. First I found out you were short, now this. Always something new with you. Thanks for running FFFK. ;)

    I figured Nitmos was gone so you are probably in insult withdrawal. I feel responsible.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. What does yucky wintergreen taste like? I'm in Aus, and I've never heard of that flavour. Or flavor, if you prefer.

  12. Why do races always have some mystery punch that you can never find in the store rather than regular old Gatorade?


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