Friday, February 20, 2009

You Run Like an Animal!

[by Candis]

Ian is completely swamped at work. It’s like they expect him to actually do something now that the financial services industry is in the tank. I, being the wonderful wife that I am, offered to post the winning animal- because darn it, free shoes don’t wait for bankers!

And the winner is... ME! Just kidding. You will however notice that when the Pearl Izumi rep contacted my loving husband, Ian replied by emailing his own shoe size and preferred style with nary a thought about me. Hey I have feet too! (Bonus question: Name this movie “Hello? I have a neck too! This thing holding up my head!” - you don’t win anything for it, just like me.)

Just once I wish someone would write Ian “Your wife is so great, would she like a wicked fast tri-bike?” “Your wife is so supportive, would she like compression gear?” “Honey, you’re so great. Why don’t you win that contest and get yourself some hotpink and red Pearl Izumis.”

Ian claims the free Pro Wash Detergent we got is for me. Now don’t get me wrong- it’s awesome. Our clothes smell like a meadow instead of an armpit in the drawers and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they used 83% less plastic with their ingenious bag vs. bottle... but it’s still just soap! Next thing you know I’ll get a clothes dryer for Christmas.

You might be thinking that this is not the post Ian had in mind. Well, you’re right. I guess if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

And, without any further griping...

I am quite impressed at the creativity with which you all run. I will now think of how animals look while running in my sleep. Unfortunately creativity here gets you squat. It’s just a crap shoot... I mean a random number picked using an online, unbiased number generator.

Congratulations to Rachelsdaddy! You run like an animal!

Now with your new Pearl Izumis, you had better look like a cheetah streaking by. Except not really streaking. Good grief man no one wants to see that!

Thanks to all the entrants for running with such poor form that you could easily come up with such horrid animal analogies. Thanks also to Pearl Izumi for loving us so much that they gave away 2 pairs of their snazzy looking speedsters. (Don’t let Ian fool you- he buys shoes totally based on their looks.) We really do appreciate it (all jokes aside).

And to Ian’s employer… Seriously it’s Friday!


  1. Well done Rachelsdaddy!


    can i go away and cry now, because I did not win?

    I cry like a wolf!

  2. America's Sweethearts. Said by Catherine Zeta Jones character.

  3. Sigh, I totally missed this one. Congrats to Rachelsdaddy!

  4. *shakes fist to the heavens*
    Damn, I really wanted those shoes.

    Thanks for the guest post Candis.

  5. By the way...

    I lied!

    I don't run like an animal.

    I just wanted the shoes!

  6. Ian, your wife is so great, so supportive. Why don;t you get her some hotpink and red Izumis.

    And yes, I too am bummed a couldn't win with a simple online random number generator.

  7. I just want to note that I predicted that you would not give the shoes to me. And I was right. I have the power to see the future - but the visions are fuzzy in the middle and only clear around the edges. Which makes me a peripheral visionary.

    A shoeless peripheral visionary.

    Vanilla and Vanillette will pay for another pair of Pumas (or whatever they are called) out of THEIR OWN POCKETS for the first commenter who can identify what comic first told that peripheral visionary joke.

    Wait. I'm having another peripheral vision ... this vision is telling me that Vanilla and Vanillette will not honor this offer ... At least that's what it looks like around the edges.

  8. Now what? Oh yeah, thank you oh benevolent of bestower of shoes. How on earth can I find myself worthy of your choice. I am unworthy of your random eye for uniqueness and literary talent, Candis. Oh and you to Vanilla.
    Really, now what?
    Duff a.k.a Rachaelsdaddy


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