Friday, December 5, 2008

Weekend Plans

The picture you see to the right (click to enlarge) was requested in the comments of yesterday’s post by tfh. Long winded commenter extraordinaire Glaven, beat me to it and offered up this version of the image, but I prefer mine because... well... because it’s mine. Thanks to tfh for the suggestion.

On Saturday I’ll make my (hopefully) triumphant return to running aided by 600mg of Advil, and on Sunday I’ll be (hopefully) Shaving my 5K at the Colder Bolder. If things don’t work out for the Colder Bolder race on Sunday then I guess I’ll just use my 5K time from the Skirt Chaser in September. I realize that the September Skirt Chaser race is outside of the window for running your ‘smooth time’ race but I’ve appealed to the race director (me) and I’m confident that he’ll grant me an exception if I need one (he will).

Several of you mentioned in the comments that I should not be taking Advil prior to running and I’ve heard that same thing before in the past, and so I mentioned this to the good doctor when gave me the advice. His response was that he didn’t think it was a big deal. He said that taking anti-inflammatories prior to exercising might diminish the benefit your muscles receive from the exercise but not enough to be of concern to someone who isn’t at an elite level. The other downside that he mentioned to taking Advil prior to running was that it would mask pain, and one of the functions of pain is to prevent you from injuring yourself further, but he dismissed this in my case because he said my knee was structurally sound and that running on it was not causing any further damage. I’d be lying if I told you that I don’t still have some reservations about taking Advil before running, but keeping in mind that he’s a doctor at an Orthopedic and Sports Medicine practice I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve googled the subject to try and find some definitive reasons not to take Advil before running and there’s a lot of information out there but most of it is posted on message forums and starts out with the phrase “Well, I’m not a doctor, but I heard...”

Below is my injury riddled running log for November. It has been mentioned by at least a couple of idiot bloggers that no one wants to see this and I’m well aware of that. If you’re not interested in my November running log then you can just skip the rest of this post, don’t worry you won’t be missing any jokes, just raw data.

11/22/20086 Mile Loop (x 2)Long14 Mi2:22:0910:10
11/19/20083 Mile LoopEasy3 Mi26:278:49
11/18/20083 Mile LoopEasy3 Mi29:009:40
11/15/20086 Mile LoopLong/Injury :(5.15 Mi48:099:21
11/12/2008Misc.Intervals (6 x 800)5.46 Mi48:408:55
11/9/2008Grand Lake (elev 8300 ft)Hills5.11 Mi49:339:42
11/7/20086 Mile Loop (x2)Long14 Mi2:15:299:41
11/5/20085 Miles Out & BackTempo5 Mi42:268:30
11/1/20086 Mile Loop (x2.6)Long16 Mi2:30:309:25
Distance: 70.7 miles
Total Time: 11:12:23

P.S. This is my 400th post! W00t!


  1. I hope your doctor is wrong and your knee explodes mid-stride and you do a face plant at the Colder Bolder and someone catches it on video and posts it on YouTube and then I hope With Leather picks it up so that you can see your misery when you go there to look for something to steal for your blog as an excuse to look at scantily clad women.

  2. Love the new fashion trend. I have heard both sides of the Advil controversy. I have done it and it seemed to work fine for me.

  3. Wow viper. that is intense... but I hope you do great! and I ALWAYS take advil or aleeve right before or after I run, and I never have problems, hope your oiay!

  4. To quote the words of the immortal Paris Hilton (did I just say that?!)...That's hot!

    Good luck with the knee. Just ignore Viper.

  5. Viper, I hope it turns out that you do have a yeast infection.

  6. Congrats on 4-hundo!

    Thats a crazy week's worth of running!!

  7. First off. I'm not an idiot. If I were, I would've called myself RazZIdiot.

    Secondly, I don't care about *any* of your posts. Not just the ones where you self-righteously tell the rest of us how much you ran.

    Thirdly, this type of behavior reduces your chances of potential PFCRNR schwag.

  8. Dude, watch that advil! I am surprised an actual doctor recommended a taking a pain killer BEFORE exercise. Just be careful, is all...

  9. Ignore Vava. he has no sense of adventure. Besides, who cares if you really hurt yourself and don't know it until after the marathon. The race is done...

    So the chances of you having Chlamydia is over?


  10. For the record, I, too, like your graphic better.

    But I must also add that RazZDoodle has outwitted you. His logic is impeccable and irrefutable. If he were an idiot, his name would be RazZIdiot; but it's not. QED. You owe him an apology. (But just in case I'm wrong and you're right, better dumb it down a bit.)

    Man, I'm winded after this comment!

  11. I love the picture. It's actually kind of spooky. I'm pretty sure this is the second good idea I've had on your blog, too. (The first was the joint race report with Candis.) Although your blog seems to be the only thing that inspires me with Brilliant Ideas, today I am feeling hugely let down because of THIS:

    "He said that taking anti-inflammatories prior to exercising might diminish the benefit your muscles receive from the exercise but not enough to be of concern to someone who isnt at an elite level."

    You're not at the elite level????????? Either I've been hoodwinked or your doc's a total quack.

  12. Yeah, finding out you're not an elite athlete is like hearing there's not Santa. I... just... don't know what to do with that information.

  13. Take 800mg of IBU and really shave that 5K

  14. I asked my Active Release Technique doctor about anti-inflammatories today because I heard that they can delay muscle repair. He said that in my case, a very mild strain, I shouldn't bother with the anti-inflammatories because yes, they can delay muscle repair. But, he said that if the strain was more severe, then I would probably take them because I need the anti-inflammatory effect. My advice is to listen to your doc.

  15. A lot of conflicting info!

    You need a new doc. He didn't think you were elite. What's up with that? Doesn't he know who you are?

    Somewhere I have an article about why you shouldn't take Ibuprofen prior to endurance sports. If/when I find it, I'll send it over.

  16. Not sure what is funnier...the post or the ongoing commentary found in the comments. Or you in those killer shorts. I'm pretty sure if you just run in those shorts you won't hurt your knee any more...they have what appears to be 17 pillows for padding throughout their fabric.

  17. My expert advice is take's more anti-inflammatory than pain killer (the pain killing comes from the relief of the inflammation) and I've had several sports medicine dr.s reccommend that. I think people overthink these things; it's not like Advil masks THAT MUCH pain. I mean, I don't think a couple of advil are going to disguise the fact that your knee cap has come loose and fallen off or anything.


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