Friday, December 26, 2008

New Running Gear

You guys will never guess what I got for Christmas this year: New Running Gear. (Was that not clear from the title?) I got running shirts, a running hat, running gloves, I even got a some stretchy bands which means that I can join Viper’s quest to prove that Nitmos is an idiot. Is this still something that needs to be proved? I mean are there people out there who still think that the world is flat and that Nitmos might not be an idiot? Doesn’t seem likely.

I also got my final race instructions from the PF Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon, but I don’t think that was a Christmas present, I assume it was done just to freak me out a little. As of this post there are 22 days left before the marathon and I’m so underprepared I’ve probably got salmonella poisoning. Fear is a great motivator though, I haven’t skipped any of my scheduled runs this week, which is good, but I also haven’t skipped any servings of dessert or candy, which is bad. This weekend I’m supposed to run my 20 miler and I’m holding out hope that the weather will cooperate so that I can run it all outside.

Did anyone have a December to Remember? Go ahead and tell us in the comments so that we can all hate you and your hoity toity lifestyle with your Summers in the Hamptons. I hope that you choke on your beluga caviar and your Cristal champagne this New Year’s eve and don’t even get to enjoy your new Lexus into 2009.


  1. This guy got a pretty bad ass Christmas present for a runner.

  2. hey, at least you got your race instructions. NOW who's freakin?

  3. Only idiots drive Lexi.

    Happy New Year.

  4. Oh, the Christmas Lexus thing is so last year. I got the HOTTEST gift this year, a Garmin 305 (the 405, also, is LAST year...the year we all were confident about our jobs and didn't need to gift older model Garmin's).

    The marathon is going to be great.

  5. O, right, because the first thing those of us who drive Lexi and eat beluga caviar and drink Cristal champagne do is come over here to Half Fast to see if this is the year that we FINALLY got Vanilla's goat.

    But this year, we finally have.

    On behalf of all Brahmins everywhere, I say:

    In your FACE, Vanilla!

    And, just to rub it in, this WASN'T the first thing I did. It was like the seventh.


    P.S. You're running a marathon? Why are we filthy rich people always the last to know?

    It's cold here. Someone throw another plebeian on the fire.

  6. Definitely no lexus or fish eggs for this girl!

  7. Lexus? I'm trying to talk my husband into getting me a red VW Bug. But he won't because he KNOWS I'll get round black magnets and put em all over the car so it looks like a ladybug. C'mon! Would I really do that?

    Yes I would, and I'm gonna.

    Good luck with the marathon! You will LOVE every minute of it. Even the not-so-fun ones!!!!

  8. F the Lexus, I got a Garmin too...just as I swore off all gadgets, HRM's and watches, damn it all. Now I really KNOW how slow I am. Damn it all! Best of luck to you, it'll be great.

  9. For some reason I don't remember my December. But I actually did have some fish eggs for Christmas. Not Beluga, but salmon roe on my sushi.

    Congrats on the sweet new gear. I hope the holiday was merry.

    And you're right, probably no point in continuing to prove Nitmos's idiocy when it's scientific fact.

  10. I'm not sure if I hate the giant red December to Remember bows or the obnoxious music. Toss up really.

  11. Lov'n the new running gear!

  12. Congrats on the new gear. Does this new stuff mean you'll be able to graduate to "full fast"?

  13. Yaa for the new gear. It is great when people give you what u want. Hope the 20 miler went well.


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