Thursday, November 6, 2008

Personal Running Log - October 2008

October was my first ever 100 mile month. I guess the increased mileage is the result of training for the PF Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon. I know it’s been a while since I mentioned I’m running a marathon, so I hope you didn’t forget. You may now continue to be in awe of me. My mileage hasn’t yet topped out, but I’m already looking forward to tapering. How long is the standard taper for a marathon anyway? 5 weeks? 6 weeks? When can I start running less? And, is it a bad sign that in the midst of marathon training I want to run less?

I can safely say however, that I won’t be skipping any of my long runs. Those of you who read RazZDoodle’s blog (both of you) will already have heard about our little wager. Since we’re both running the RNR AZ marathon and his sister is running the half, we’ve decided that for every long run you skip you owe the other participants a beer. We will prove that we’ve completed our long runs by taking a picture of our Garmins and e-mailing them to Raz who will then post them on his blog (see last week’s here). If you are going to be running the RNR AZ marathon and want in on a piece of this action then let me or Raz know, and then head on over to his blog and leave discouraging comments that will cause him to miss his long runs. He’ll be happy to buy you a beer too.

October was also the first time that I received 10,000 plus hits in a single month, I wonder if the two are connected? Do the hits increase as the miles increase? I guess we’ll find out in January when I stop running completely.

Now, without further ado, I’ll get to the part of this post that you’ve all been waiting for; the raw data. If you’re like me, you get a boner just looking at all these running stats. Forget Nicollette Sheridan, give me some more of those sexy, naked numbers!

10/30/20086 Mile Loop Long HillTempo6 Mi52:088:42
10/28/20085 Miles Out & BackIntervals (3 x 1600)5 Mi42:258:29
10/26/20086 Mile Loop (x 2)Long12 Mi1:55:279:38
10/25/2008Denver Gorilla RunRace3.75 Mi36:229:42
10/23/2008TrackTempo 6 Mi51:438:38
10/21/2008TreadmillIntervals (5 x 1000)5 Mi41:298:18
10/19/2008Denver Half MarathonRace 13.1 Mi2:17:1410:29
10/17/20087 Miles Out & BackTempo7 Mi1:01:448:50
10/14/2008TrackIntervals (ladder)5 Mi42:438:33
10/11/20086 Mile Loop (x 2.5)Long15 Mi2:21:569:28
10/9/20087 Miles Out & BackTempo7 Mi1:04:039:09
10/7/2008TrackIntervals (4 x 800)4.5 Mi38:388:36
10/4/2008MiscLong13 Mi2:17:2010:34
10/3/20086 Mile Loop Long HillTempo6 Mi53:478:58
Distance: 108.4 miles
Total Time: 16:56:59


You’ll notice that I’ve changed the Denver Gorilla Run from 3.6 miles to 3.75 miles and that’s because that is what they are reporting it as on their website, and also because it makes my pace look a little more respectable.


  1. Boners, more gorilla talk, padding your pace and an entire paragraph dedicated to my overall awesomeness. I can now die a happy man. Right after I drink a few Vanilla-bought ales.

  2. Great job on those big numbers, Vanilla. I was wondering what marathon you were doing. That wager sounds like a fun way to keep the long runs in. He would have to miss most of them to make it really fun.

  3. Nice stats!

    Hold on. If I get a boner over your stats, does that make me gay?

    And a follow-up, please ...

    If it does, can I be a top?

  4. Already in the 100 mile months? Sweet.

    BUT you have yet to get to your real long friend. Talk about praying for taper time.

  5. If you're already tapping a 100 mile month, it will be interesting to see what December has in store for you. Nothing says "merry christmas" like aching quads from those 20 milers to come!

  6. Nice month of running. I look forward to seeing what November has in store since you are bound to have some massively long runs in there! Continued success.

  7. Just when I was starting to worry that nothing was going to annoy me now that all the political ads are done ...

    Nice month. Have a good weekend.

  8. great job on 100+. When you really want to skip the long run I suppose you could drive the garmin around...really slowly....just don't follow any children, I suppose. You might get picked up for that ;)

  9. Way to go on hitting 100 miles. But what is it exactly that you're training for?

  10. I believe people are flocking here in hopes of watching the epic failure unfold before their eyes. I know that's why I visit.

    Nice looking training log you have. Do you work out?

  11. Oh you did not bust out a "SCHWING!!" Nice.

  12. Google reader says you have 248 subscribers.....hummmm

  13. Hi, I think I found this blog from the google reader. Anyway,
    I am a marathoner too and just finished training and compete (ing) (can't spell) in the St. George Marathon. Looks like your training is reasonable- YES, i couldn't wait till the taper.

  14. Running is the ultimate endurance test. I am working on building my stamina for overall health.


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