Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was going to use today’s post to list things that I’m thankful for like friends, family and blog readers, but that’s not funny. It’s not funny at all. Also I’m not about to give thanks for a bunch of readers have taken it upon themselves to place bets in my comments section on what my knee injury is. Jerkfaces! Then I thought that I could make a sarcastic list of things that I was thankful for, but I did that last year so this year I’m just going to remind you that when you post your list of things that you’re thankful for, you had better include Half-Fast on your list. I tirelessly work my fingers to the bone for you people and you never remember to thank me for it! Would it kill you to tell me those 3 little words I’ve been longing to hear? Does it even occur to you that maybe I need to hear you say it every once and a while?

While you’re busy thanking me, don’t forget to also thank Amy, Nitmos, RazZDoodle, and the Runners’ Lounge for putting together a quality podcast for you to listen to over Thanksgiving. Seriously, download it today and then tomorrow when you think you can’t take one more story about how advanced your cousin’s illegitimate 7 month old is, just pop in your headphones and listen to the podcast. It will be 45 minutes of bliss compared to your family get togethers. Actually, I should mention that throughout the call there was this intermittent screeching noise in the background. I thought that Raz would remove it in editing, but it turns out that the annoying screeching noise was actually Nitmos talking. Even taking into account the cacophony that is Nitmos voice, it’s still going to be better than spending time with your family and having to explain to your mother why you just couldn’t make it work with that nice young lawyer even though he was cheating on you with a 17 year old and had no discernable soul.

We had a lot of fun recording the podcast, and I hope that you’ll have just as much fun listening to it. You can read the show notes and download the episode at Runners’ Lounge or at Running Off at the Mind.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!

-Oh and by the way, I’m totally kidding about that betting on my injury thing. Get your guess in before Monday and we’ll see who’s the closest.

Download Podcast


  1. Loved the podcast. You all need to get together for Part II really soon.

    Have a great turkey day.

  2. you want three little words? really?


  3. "Thankful" for Half Fast? An over the top sense of entitlement wouldn't you say? :-)

    Now if every time I visited Half Fast there was a new post for me to read, THEN I would be thankful!

  4. Loved the podcast. :) Thanks for the tip to get away from the family.. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Laughing at Jeff's "kiss my ass....LMAO!!!!

    3 little words: Get better soon
    My injury bet: Over training and irritated your muscles. The pain is their way of saying STOP for a while!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  6. great card. and I'm currently downloading the podcast. Might save it for the flight home. . . Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Is it me, or is "thank you" just two words?

  8. Jess, if you don't know what 3 little words I need to hear...

    ... well then, I'm not going to tell you.

  9. Now I remember why I declined to join that podcast.

    Happy Thanksgiving ... didn't I already say that?

  10. I'm with Jess: Math was never my strong suit, but I'm pretty sure "Thank You" adds up to only 2 words. What's the third word you are clammoring for? Is it PG-13?

    Some 3 word suggestions:

    Take a Hike
    Teach your children
    Milk and Sugar
    Medium Rare Please
    Third and Ten
    Five for Fighting
    Eat your vitamins
    Forget me not
    Eddie Van Halen

    Am I close?

  11. You're to funny!

    That's it I am done!

  12. Um...three words...uh..."I love you!" ???

    Not that I'm saying I love you, just say'n.

    Anyway, happy thanksgiving and I'm echoing aggravated pcl with possible mcl tear.
    Nothing to worry about typical sports injury.
    A couple of weeks of icing, and mommying and you should be good as new.

  13. Haven't listened to the podcast yet - knowing you, it should be an entertaining break from the fam festivities.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  14. You want me to listen for 45 minutes??? Crazed with confidence you are.

  15. Yeah, I don't watch 30 minute shows live because I can't sit still that long. Is there a dvr option with your podcast that cuts down 25% of the time?

  16. I listened to it on the way back from work. Good cast.


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