Monday, October 6, 2008

Personal Running Log - September 2008

Has anyone tried the new Gatorade G2 drink? I had it once and it wasn’t bad, but I’ve been seeing a ton of commercials for it lately. I suppose that Gatorade’s marketing department felt like they needed to clear things up because I suspect I wasn’t the only one who first heard of G2 and thought it was some kind of minor summit meeting. If you haven’t heard of it, it has nothing to do with international gatherings but is a light sports drink intended for athletes when they are off the field, because apparently it’s always important to hydrate.

The commercials tout G2 as a ‘low calorie hydrator’ but you might be surprised to learn that there is another low calorie hydrator already out there; water! I know, I didn’t believe it at first either, but I asked my doctor and he confirmed that water is indeed a low calorie hydrator. This was good news for me because when I’m at work (i.e. “off the field”) and looking to hydrate I sneak into the break room where my boss keeps a water cooler and when nobody is looking I steal some of the water from it, and take it back to my desk in an oversized Nalgene bottle. BAM! Free low calorie hydration for Vanilla! My fight against The Man continues. Also, while we’re on the subject, if anyone needs any free pencils or post-it notes then just let me know because I’ve totally got the hook-up.

As far as low calorie hydrators go, I’m more of a Propel Fitness Water kind of guy. I’ve purchased their powder packets that you add to water and they are delicious, especially after a long run. I think that someone from Propel once contacted me and offered me a free 16 oz bottle in exchange for a review, but I turned them down because I have principles I already knew I liked Propel and also because that offer was worth, like, a buck and a half. Note to marketers: If you’re going to offer me free stuff to review, then please don’t waste my time by being cheap, offer me a whole case of fitness water, or a car with a Propel logo on the side. If I’m going to be a sell-out, then I’m going to be the biggest sell-out that I can be, let’s talk high dollar items here.

Without further ado, here’s my Personal Running Log, brought to you this month by Propel Fitness Water. Don’t just hydrate. Nourish.*

9/30/2008TreadmillIntervals (3 x 1600)5.2 Mi43:398:24
9/27/2008Grand Lake (Alt. 8500 ft)Easy (w/Candis)5 Mi1:01:4812:22
9/24/200811 Mile LoopLong11 Mi1:46:569:44
9/23/20085 Miles Out & BackIntervals (6 x 400) 5 Mi44:228:53
9/20/200811 Mile LoopLong11 Mi1:45:139:34
9/18/20086 Mile Loop Long HillTempo6 Mi53:328:56
9/15/20085 Miles Out & BackIntervals (6 x 400) 5 Mi44:438:57
9/13/200810 Mile LakeLong10 Mi1:42:2610:15
9/11/20084 Miles Out & BackEasy4 Mi36:539:14
9/6/2008Skirt Chaser 5KRace3.1 Mi24:287:53
9/4/20086 Mile Loop Long HillEasy6 Mi52:588:50
Distance: 71.3 miles
Total Time: 11:16:58

* No, I didn’t really sell the naming rights to my Personal Running Log to Propel, they totally didn’t offer enough swag.


  1. This water, where can I get some? It sounds interesting.

    Nice stats. When do you start your death march to the marathon?

  2. I buy G2 for my kids lunches because it's one of the lowest sugar drinks out there. They wouldn't think of drinking something like WATER.

  3. Personally, I won't drink anything unless it's endorsed by 50 Cent.
    That's why I drink Vitamin Water.

    I have to admit, I had some Lemonade Vitamin Water at the Fans on the Field 10k a few weekends ago and I am hooked, man that stuff is good.

  4. you are dead on, if you are going to bribe me to endorse your product, then you better make it worth my while.

  5. I think you need to make the product sexier. Let's see Half fast in a Speedo, then maybe I'll think of trying Propel.

  6. Try some di-hydroxy-monoxide. It's really good for you.

  7. I'm officially in love with Ultima sports drink now. It tastes so much lighter and less chemical-ish than the "norm."

  8. I'm drinking some of that super cheap, super low calorie hydration liquid right now. Tap water. Can't get much better than that!

    Nice post.

  9. Why is it that it is the people who are clearly not athletes (I know, I know, uncharitable) who are most likely to be seen gulping Gatorade and Powerade (and wearing warm-up suits) while riding the bus, shopping at Walmart, etc? Meanwhile someone who runs 70+ miles in a month is endorsing water?

    It's just not right. I almost want to sue Gatorade for misleading consumers that if they drink it, they too will become gorgeously sweaty and athletic.

  10. Water really who knew? I like propel too. Haven't tried the G2 yet. Now I feel like I must do a hydration study of my own.

  11. One bonus of public water? Potential for trace amounts of lead, mercury and dog feces so you get a real grab bag of "nutrition" in every mouthful.

  12. Reading Jess's comment made me go blind.

  13. Huh!! Water?? Goodness!! Have looking really looking around for a low cal hydrating drink and it was always here right in front. And yeah I have tried G2...quite ok I are so right about the name… so much like an international summit… n I must say that your personal running log looks great.. Buddy you are really into it ... And because I enjoy reading your posts very much and value your opinion a lot, I am surely gonna try out Propel Fitness water. Can’t ignore your recommendations mate!! Keep posting!

  14. I like Gatorade (yellow only, please), but don't think I've tried the G2. As for "serious runner" drinks, I really like Gleukos, but only if it's mixed properly (not the way it was mixed at Portland). However, I did like the Ultima they served that Chia also mentioned.

  15. Water, then Nuun are my low calorie hydrators of choice. But I've never been bribed, or even almost bribed, by a company to do a review on their product before...


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