Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Denver Gorilla Run

Ever since my wife signed me up for the Denver Gorilla Run I’ve been getting e-mails about the plight of gorillas and the things that I can do to help. Isn’t it enough that I dropped 150 bones to run in a gorilla costume and that I’m drawing attention to it by blogging about it? I sure hope so because that’s pretty much all the kind-heartedness that a self-absorbed humanitarian like me can muster. Why can’t it be enough for me to just draw attention to the problems and then hope that others will step up and deal with them? Consider yourselves officially ‘put on notice’ that there are only 723 Mountain Gorillas alive today, now go do something about it. You can start by visiting my donation page and making a donation to save the gorillas. Not only is it tax deductible, but you’d also be helping me out because the person who raises the most money wins a prize, and me winning a prize is the real cause to rally around here.

In these trying times when the value of your home is plummeting and the price of gas is so high it has the munchies, just try to remember that there are gorillas who are less fortunate than you. Sure they don’t have gas to buy, or a mortgage to pay but they’re more endangered than your 401K, although if we’re honest that’s getting closer to being a toss-up. But just think, if every one of my readers gave a dollar then we’d be able to see how many readers I have and find out just how accurate SiteMeter is, and if you don’t want to support the gorillas or help me win the highest fundraiser prize then do it so that we can figure out how accurate SiteMeter is.

Finally, if you can’t afford to donate or just don’t feel like it (you cold, heartless git) then you can help me win the prize for most creative gorilla costume by leaving your suggestions in the comments. Right now, the leader in the clubhouse is “Gorilla Ice” meaning that I would dress up like Vanilla Ice and then do a lot of 90s dance moves, which could be detrimental to my marathon training and possibly devastating to my street cred. It’s your chance to suggest ways for me to further humiliate myself, I expect full participation in the comments.


  1. I believe in a previous post Frayed Laces suggested you put on some lederhosen over the gorilla suit. That sounds pretty good to me.

  2. I say you go as George "the Gorilla" Taylor ... an ape in a strange land of damned, dirty humans.

  3. "price of gas is so high it has the munchies"!!! I love it! As far as gorillas go, a couple of weeks back a gorilla stared at my youngest's cookie so intently that it put us off. The value of thick glass cannot be overstated!

  4. You paid $150 to run this race?! That's a joke, right?

  5. Vanilla,

    I forgot to tell you that I too will be running in this race. See ya there.

  6. I like the idea of Gorilla Ice. Hahahaha. Or wear some sort of..tutu?

  7. You need to wear a costume to the gorilla race? You? I wouldn't have thought that...

  8. How about Gore-illa...wear an Al Gore mask and a gorrilla body suit.

    Or Go-Go-Rilla...wear go-go boots?

    Or Go-Gore-Rilla...Al Gore mask, Go-go boots, hairy suit.


    I like Gorilla Ice though too! :)


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