Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekend Splits

Weekend Splits is my recap of things that I found interesting or humorous over the past week. If you have a submission for the weekend splits, e-mail me.

The above image is from Jokes and Clips, but I first saw it at Pat’s blog, Note to Self. Thanks Pat, that’s a much more creative use of hand signals than I’m used to seeing. Onto the links:

  • I had an open letter to race directors go up at CRN. I already linked to it once this week, but it doesn’t hurt to do it again.
  • And here’s the dissenting opinion to my letter to race directors.
  • Steve in a Speedo competed in the Square Lake Half Ironman and did the run (13.1 miles) dressed as the Grim Reaper, complete with sickle. If you don’t read the post at least go look at the pictures and watch the video at the end, especially if you’ve never seen Death dancing to Kanye’s Stronger.
  • Lance tries to spread cheer and introduce the Runner’s Wave.
  • Last, but certainly not least the disgustingly talented J-Money posted a race report. You need to go read this post, because it’s not everyday that you get to laugh at the phrase Bifida the Clown.
That’s all for this weekend. I’m feeling kinda’ lazy so I don’t have a comment of the week or a video of the week. I will tell you all that I did something really stupid this weekend, and hopefully I’ll have more about that on Monday... or Tuesday... or whenever I get to it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hey! Where's the video? You always have a video in the W.S. posts. It's traditional. Furthermore, it's historical. I've been completely spoiled by this pampered treatment and wish to protest its cessation.

  2. I liked reading the back and forth banter regarding the "open letter to race directors"; I thought yours was very funny and loved the "suggestions" (especially in regards to chip timing -- I just recently fumed about that after my 5K yesterday). But I also see that other guy's point about wanting a less frilly, cheaper event. Entry fees are getting to be outrageous.


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