Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Post Race Thoughts

First of all let me once again offer my congratulations to Viper on winning our challenge. He offered a virtual handshake in his post yesterday and I wish to be a good sport and return the sentiment. As much as I’d love to continue verbally assaulting him I’m going to stay classy and take the high road, mostly because I have no ammo left now that he possesses all the PRs and I’d just be reduced to spreading ugly rumors like a catty, middle school girl. Speaking of ugly rumors, I heard a rumor the other day that Viper is hideously ugly. Now I don’t believe it because I’m taking the high road, but has anyone ever seen a picture of Viper? Why do you think that is? I’m just sayin’.

Official race pictures have yet to become available to me but you can see what I looked like 15 yards before the finish line. It’s not pretty, so I guess you can file this under H for hypocrisy because mine knows no bounds.

It Hurts! It Hurts!

Check out the guy and his daughter behind me who are giving me the ol’ hairy eyeball. I was in a pretty comatose state so I don’t remember what I did to deserve that. It could have been any one of the following: farting, cursing, farting while cursing, shouting, spitting, snot-rocketing (it can be a verb), or just generally smelling like a locker room. Whatever it was, I hope that he will accept my apologies for doing it in front of his daughter. If it helps, my kids were watching from the other side of the street so they saw whatever it was too.

Notice the return of the cowbells. Every time we get ready to go to a race, the boys lament that they’ve ‘lost’ their cowbells and then they somehow make an appearance right before we’re ready to leave. Mysteriously, they always disappear again when we get home from races.


  1. What's the blue thing hanging from your right hip? Is that a new fuel belt style I don't know about?

    The guy and his daughter have total "WTF" expressions on their face as they're looking at you.

  2. I was gonna note that guy behind you who's giving you the stink eye. Too funny.

    But why are your arms spread out like you're preparing to fly?

  3. Where can one buy these disappearing cowbells? My boys found some old bongos in the garage, but sadly they have yet to disappear... Just remember, you have to climb a hill to take the high road - and must ask yourself, is it worth the trouble?

  4. Really, it's their own fault for positioning themselves as spectators at the END of a race. They are subject to whatever bodily secretions, aromas, projectiles befall them.

    Wear that finish line stupor with pride! Well earned.

  5. I swear it's not the uglies. I'm just uncommonly unphotogenic. It has nothing to do with the cheek-nipple.

    You look miserable. Did you shit yourself? That's what that guy's face says to me.

  6. I don't care how much it hurt, your race number was a palindrome, which I've always wanted (dork alert), so I count the event as a success.

  7. Laura:- That blue thing is my luck race shirt. I got too hot.

    Jess:- No idea why my arms are spread out like that, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Kristina:- My first thought when I got my bib was "Hey, a palindrome! I should name this race bib Bob!"

  8. You look like you're about to embrace the finish line. Awesome.

  9. It's a classic race picture, and it looks as if you are about to embrace a new PR. And a palindrome (which I have always believed should be a palindrome itself the same way I believe phonetically should be spelled phonetically and the way an onomatopoeia is itself not actually an onomatopoeia) race bib is a surefire keepsake.

  10. The spectator dude definately has a "What the hell is that?" look, as does his daughter. But she didn't say "hell."

  11. I shall caption this "Hold me."

    Way to rock out a new PR though! Totally dig your cheering squad!

  12. Wow!

    A lucky race shirt and an under armor shirt!


    Oh well... I finished the race, too! Let us say that I was much farther back than were you!

  13. Nice pose. What on earth?

    I cuss like a sailor during a 10k especially if the race is sponsored by a religious group. I'd probably have gotten slapped or escorted away like Katharine Switzer.

  14. Best race photo EVER!! ROFLMAO!! HAHHAHAHAHAAAAA


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