Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Off Track: DNC is in Town

The Democratic National Convention is in Denver this week and I work somewhat close to all the action. I took a trip down the 16th street walking mall at lunch time yesterday and thought I’d compile a few stats for all of you.

Number of people I judged to be ‘obviously a Democrat’ or ‘obviously a Republican’ based solely on outward mannerisms: 13
Number of times I felt guilty for judging a book by its cover: 0

Number of people walking the 16th street mall with signs displaying political messages: 31
Number of people that will see those signs: 89,024 (estimation)
Number of people whose minds will be swayed by a sign or poster board: 1
Number of people yelling at people with signs: 5

Number of helicopters seen overhead: 9
Number of police and security officers seen: 1,057
Number that looked bored: 1,053
Number that I could most certainly outrun: 1,035

Number of opportunities to buy overpriced DNC memorabilia: 14
Number of times survey-takers asked if I was registered to vote in Colorado: 7
Number of times I lied and said no: 7

Number of times I was asked for directions: 3
Number of times correct directions were given: 2

Number of people wearing Obama pins, shirts, bags etc. 2,695 (estimation)
Number of people wearing Hillary Clinton pins, shirts, bags etc. 3
Number of people wearing McCain pins, shirts, bags etc. 0

Number of dollars that the parking lot next to my office increased its daily rate: 31
Number of empty parking spots in that lot yesterday when I arrived: 0
Number of times I have since wished I owned a parking lot downtown: 16

Number of clients who trekked into the downtown area to pay us a visit yesterday: 0
Number of clients expected over the next 4 days: 0
Number of reasons for me to work in the office instead of at home: 0
Number of days I have been given permission to work from home: 0

Number of times I will reveal my political affiliation or candidate of choice on this blog: 0


  1. That place must be a zoo! I commend you on your non-committalness. One thing I'm sure of is no matter how half-fast you are, you can outrun both candidates.

  2. LOL...that's great. Thanks for the stats. Hope you survive the next few days.

  3. LMAO Viper has a point. I bet you'd beat them all in a 5K.

  4. look at you being bipartisan :)

  5. Damn that must be insane...maybe you could spend a few hours standing outside said parking lots and attempt to charge people to park there...i bet lost delegates would totally pay you haha

  6. Sounds wild! I am laughing imagining the sorts of mannerisms that immediately reveal a person's political affiliation.

  7. Thanks for the breakdown-- that is hilarious!

    I'll be thinking of you as I watch it tonight...

  8. Obviously a quick thief could make a good living in Denver.

  9. Ugh, that sucks about the parking. I say you make an executive decision and work from home.

  10. Number of readers who are eager to learn your political affiliation/candidate of choice: Countless.

    You big tease.

  11. I'm sure that when CNN needs to check some of its stats, it will refer here first. Thank you Denver Senior Correspondent on Political Affairs, now back to the anchor.

  12. I took a stroll down 16th St. Mall today as well, I work a few blocks from the action.

    I was given a flyer that read "Heaven or Hell?" I read it, found out I am going to Hell.

    I was also given two Atkins "Candy Bars" I thought that fad was over, thought about it some more, then thought it might be Republicans trying to poison Democrats, debated not eating it, then ate it at 3pm when I got hungry.

    I also got a flyer from a group admonishing people who bird watch, saying "Leave God's Creatures Alone" apparently people bird watch to watch birds mate, which is a sin.

  13. RunColo, I also ate one of those Atkins Candy bars and took a flyer from the Bird people - more on that in tomorrow's post. I mean, wow. Just wow.

  14. I can't wait. I brought that flyer back to the office and showed everyone I could think of.

    I'm just hoping that Barack addresses such a serious issue during his acceptance speech. Also, I'll give you bonus point if you can tell me what language is on the back of the flyer?

  15. It's Russian, but I only know that because the Russian girl in our office was able to translate the back of it for me. It says the same thing as the front.

  16. Oh. I thought you'd be the half-wit (get it?) that was ready to off Obama. That'd been so cool to be on the TV.

  17. Great, now where do I turn for guidance on who to vote for? You don't expect me to do my own research do you? This is America!

  18. I was in Boston for the 04 DNC. Aside from the random parade/protest going through the street during lunch, the place was normal.


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