Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Day at the Track

This past Monday I hit the local high school track for some intervals with a friend (for the purposes of this post we’ll call him Carl - not his real name). My training schedule called for some 4 x 400m speed sessions which may not seem like very much but that’s because I have the Georgetown Half coming up on Saturday and my training is a little less intense this week so that I can be well rested. My goal pace for the 400m intervals was a 7:25 minute/mile pace, and I really tried to hold myself to that pace but I just couldn’t do it. I don’t know if it was the fact that we were only doing 4 x 400s or if it was because Carl was there running with me, but I ran my 400s a lot faster than normal. I discovered when I got home that during those 400m intervals I averaged a 6:50 minute/mile pace. Thanks Carl! Oh, and sorry about calling you Carl in this post (I think he hates that, but that’s just the kind of friend I am).

Also of note at the track on Monday I got my first ever bloody nipple (pictured right). It’s not nearly as rewarding as I thought it would be. Normally I wear Under Armour compression shirts when I run to combat nipple chafing but I didn’t on Monday because it was just a short workout. The high school football field was being watered on Monday night while we were there and an errant sprinkler soaked Carl and I on almost every lap. I guess it was like the perfect storm of conditions to give me a bloody nipple. Hopefully it is fully healed by Saturday because it’s really detracting from sexytime with my wife.

If any of you have any other suggestions for preventing chafed nipples I welcome them in the comments as long as you don’t say Band-Aids. The last time I tried Band-Aids they fell off as soon as I started to sweat.

Responding to Your Comments
Nikki asked in the comments of yesterday’s post how I managed to be so consistent with my pace on my long runs. I actually use the digital training partner on my Garmin and set him to a pace just faster than what I want. I play a game where I let him get out ahead of me over the first few miles which helps me to start slower. During the middle miles I try to remain the same distance behind him and over the last 3-4 miles I try to catch him. Truth be told I didn’t pass him on any of my long runs last month, but I have been running negative splits, ending somewhere around an 8:50 minute/mile pace.

Viper’s comment on yesterday’s post has me in quite a state of confusion. At first I thought it was sarcasm, but it really didn’t have that kind of tone to it. Could it be that Viper was simply being encouraging? Of course not! Obviously he was trying to jinx me by saying that I was going to break his PR! Well it won’t work, because I don’t believe in jinxes either!


  1. I use a cloth medical tape on my nips during races. Two-inch strips seem to work best for sticking it out. Oddly, I don't seem to have a problem during training runs.

    I think you're really on your way ...

  2. Wear a sports bra. My nips never chafe. The skin below my girls where the bra rubs ... well, that's a whole different story.

  3. The shirt blood flower marks the blossoming of half/full marathoner. Awww, how sweet.

    My suggestion? Don't do anything. Let the nips callous over from repeated abuse and, eventually, they'll stop bleeding. And you can then get them pierced with no discomfort if that's your desire.

  4. 1. shirtless always works.
    2. duct tape. that one's less function, but more hilarious due to the removal issues.

  5. Use those little spot bandages.

    I just ran the SF Marathon on Sunday (much sweating) and they're still on!

  6. How about either bodyglide, or liquid bandaid

  7. I like Xenia's idea. Go get yourself a sports bra, homie!

  8. Hey - You're looking skinny!
    Ouch sore nipples; I can't even imagine...

  9. Are you sure your digital training partner is male? Because if you were getting chicked by your Garmin, that'd be pretty hilarious.

  10. I have lots of hair on my chest, so I thought bloody nipples were a joke the guys at the local running store were playing on me. Then I ran the Cincinnati marathon and saw a lot of bloody drips. So I guess being part Gorilla helps.

    I suggest you grow sufficient hair on your chest to prevent the shirt from even touching the nips.

  11. Xenia and Marcy are on to something - you definitely should wear a bra, but rather than a sports bra, try a Madonna cone bra. Not only will it protect your man nips, it will poke those dastardly runners who dare to be in front of you.

  12. so many ideas for the nips. . . .for sexy time,(well do this before) use NEOSPORIN & bandaids liek all day at work, or at night, it should heal them up pretty quick (like 24-ish hrs).

    Or because it happens to nursing moms, lanolin (doesn't always work on fast healing).
    for the race....stick to your compresswion shirt, that way all the ladies watching can just stare/oogle/scream your name....I can hear it now "Here he comes!! He's so fast!!"

    Wait was that Candis at home or the your running fan club???

    Have a great race Saturday---Kick Vipers PR ass!

    (Sorry about the. . .well, I'm not really sorry cause I'm still giggling;

  13. quit the complaining of bloody nipples, try birthing a watermelon out of your vajay-jay, then you can complain....

    can't handle a little chaffing? by a bra!

  14.'ve officially arrived as a runner. Congrats!

  15. I "half" assumed there would be a contest to predict your time or at least the probability of you surpassing Viper's time this weekend.

    I have studied the limited information and you need to shave 24 seconds a mile off your last half marathon performance and the only runs in July where you were anywhere near an 8:45 pace was the shorter interval and medium tempo runs. HOWEVER, we do have to factor in the weather which will be almost perfect, and your desire to to pummel Viper into submission.

    My prediction is a fast start, a little worrying in the final miles, but enough left for a push at the end to secure a time of 1:54:27 - However I do acknowledge that you may loiter at or near the finish line to cross in exactly 1:54:48.

  16. I think the girls are onto something here: a sports bra would definitely help.

    One word of caution: make sure it is color coordinated with your running skirt. And avoid the cone-style look that Madonna made famous.

  17. I tried giving up on Band-Aids (the kinds specifically made for sport) and use Body Glide. Let's just say I have two big permanent oils stains in the form of great big dark circles on the chests of some of my shirts now. Very attractive. So, don't use Body Glide. I know you said don't say it, but the Sport Band-Aids (actual Band-Aid brands) stay on very well in my opinion and repeated use.


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