Friday, July 11, 2008

Site News: Duplicate Posts

For those of you who read Half-Fast via a reader or some version of the feed please pay attention to this special alert. Some of the content for the tabs on Half-Fast has been hosted on another blog and is being moved over to the main blog this weekend. While this content will not show up on the front page due to the magic of back-dating you will probably receive these items in your feed reader.

For those of you who don’t subscribe to the feed (jerks!) you will not notice anything out of the ordinary except for my angry glare through the computer at you, and my withholding of affection. In fact your time spent reading this Site News post is completely wasted. Leave now and don’t come back until you’re ready to show Half-Fast some commitment by way of subscribing to the feed!

The rest of you subscribers are probably going to come into the office on Monday and find some new posts on your reader that are not showing up on the front page of the blog. At first you’ll be confused but then the light will break through the weekend haze and you’ll remember that you read this Site News post about how this might happen. You’ll read the posts anyway and think that they are astoundingly brilliant and delightful if not a little familiar sounding. Of course if you didn’t get to this Site News post until Monday morning after all the duplicate posts, then your quizzical, head-tilting expression will only now be evaporating from your beautiful faces. You look so cute when you’re confused, which is fortunate because it happens ALL THE TIME.


  1. this is totally going to lower your percentage read in my google reader...

  2. I always have a confused expression at work anyway, so that won't be new. Good thing I work from home.

  3. I love the tag for this: biting the hand that reads me. Ha!

  4. I'm committed already!

    *giving superior Bloglines stare*


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