Thursday, July 31, 2008

Plans for a PR

With my Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon coming up next Saturday, this is probably as good a time as any to set a goal. In the past when it came time to set race goals I’ve set blatantly unattainable ones to push myself, I’ve set easy ones so that I knew I wouldn’t fail, I’ve set round number goals because they sound nice, I’ve even attempted to retroactively change my race goals so it looked like I succeeded. As you can tell, I take this stuff pretty seriously. I calculate and recalculate to make sure I’ve thoroughly thought through my race goals. (Thoroughly thought through? There’s got to be a better way to say that.) However, in setting my goal for this upcoming half marathon I’ve done very little thinking or calculating and it’s not a round number. My goal time is 1:54:48.

If you’re wondering where I got that time from then wonder no more; it’s one second faster than Viper’s PR at the half marathon distance. Up until May of this year, Viper had faster PRs than I did in all of the 4 major race distances. (Note: I consider the 4 major race distances to be 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon, this is my opinion, it is not fact although scientists often consider the two to be one and the same.) However in May I posted a 10K time of 52:07 which is still faster than Viper’s current 10K PR and thus put me 1-up on Viper. And if you follow my logic on how I could be 1-up on someone who has 3 faster PRs than I do, then you’re well on your way to becoming one of my favorite readers. The goal for next Saturday then is to claim another PR from Viper and then to bloviate at length about being 2-up.

Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than it sounds. You see on the same Saturday that I’ll be decimating the 1:54:48 half marathon record, Viper is running a 10K in the hopes of breaking the 50 minute 10K. Truth be told, Viper was on pace to beat my 10K time earlier this month, but instead decided to teach the internets about the Puke Threshold. We are all the wiser for it.

So mark your calendars because next Saturday, August 9th is going to go down in history. Will we both make our stated goals or will one of us fail? *cough Viper cough* Perhaps we’ll both fail which would be really pathetic and anticlimactic, but totally within character, for me at least. Either way, I’m drawing a line in the sand, and then drawing a little winking smiley face so Viper knows that this is all in good fun, and also maybe a cartoon Pluto because I learned to draw him as a kid and can still draw him really well. Then maybe I’ll draw a beautiful beach scene in the sand because, wouldn’t it be ironic if people were gazing at my beach scene drawing and missing the beautiful beach scene that was all around them? Man, some people are idiots.

If you’re really that interested you can see a list of my PRs at the bottom of this page, and can find a list of Viper’s in the sidebar at Booze Hounds Inc.


  1. Just trying to be more like me, I see. Don't expect me to respond by suddenly becoming a front-runner and cheering for Boston sports teams.

    I accept your challenge (as well as your putting me up on this pedestal where I belong).

    Thanks for the linkage.

  2. Bloviate? Guess someone's finally found a thesaurus.

    I'm sad I'll be missing out on the results of this pissing contest. I'm going on vacation the day before you both run. Oh well. I'll just have to console myself with sun, surf and studly men.

    Good luck to both of you....and god help the rest of us. ;)

  3. I won't place any bets since I *heart* the both of you so I'll just say that Nitmos will win :P

    Oy, the trash talk that's coming this week . . . I can already see it :P

  4. I think I'll just remain neutral on this one and watch the carnage from the sidelines.

  5. My half-marathon PR of 1:54:30 (April 2007) remains unbeaten (by me), but then I am just a chick.

  6. 'Nilla

    You could also race the Evergreen 5k this Sunday and I'm sure come up with a new 5k PR to two/three up Viper.

    I doubt Viper can find all these downhill races like we can in Colorado.

  7. If Vanilla wins, I'm seriously cutting my mileage in half because it would be the ultimate testament to the fact that not running is the antidote to slow-assery.

    I hate peas. brb.

  8. Both the 10K and the half marathon goals are about 2 minutes faster than my PRs for those distances... I need to work on my chicking skills.

  9. We're in for some great trash talking posts this week...should be a fabulous distraction from whatever I should actually be doing with my time.


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