Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Personal Running Log - May 2008

Here we are a third of the way through June and I haven’t yet posted my running log for May. I apologize because I know how much you all love to pore over the numbers, analyzing the data, searching for a chink in the Vanilla armor, but alas there is none to be found. Each month the times in the Pace column inch lower and lower (with one glaring exception below, but I was taking it easy on that run). Each month there are more numbers in the 8s and less in the 9s. Each month my ego swells a little bit more, which makes the increase in speed all the more impressive now that I have this huge head to carry along on my runs. Occasionally though I like to hearken back to those times when I first started running, those times when I couldn’t run my way out of a wet paper bag, those times before I realized that I’m fast and this is easy. Perhaps, in the near future I’ll regale you with such tales of slowness that it will make your head rotate. Perhaps an introspective look back over my running history is in order, in the mean time head on over to CRN and enjoy my post over there today... after you meditate on the following table of course.

5/31/2008Grand Lake 5 MilesEasy5 Mi51:0010:12
5/26/2008Bolder Boulder 10KRace6.2 Mi52:078:24
5/22/2008Home TreadmillEasy5 Mi48:489:46
5/19/20085 Miles Out & BackIntervals (6x400)5 Mi45:299:05
5/17/20087 Miles Out & BackLong7 Mi1:02:418:58
5/15/20085 Miles Out & BackTempo5 Mi42:498:34
5/12/2008Home TreadmillIntervals (3x1600)5 Mi43:218:41
5/10/20088 MileTempo8 Mi1:10:278:49
5/7/20085 Miles Out & BackIntervals (5x1000)5 Mi42:138:27
5/3/200810 Mile LakeLong10 Mi1:30:259:03
5/1/2008Home TreadmillTempo3 Mi25:258:29
Distance: 64.2 miles
Total Time: 9:34:45


  1. Do you cross train too Vanilla? Dude, I wish I only had to run 11 times a month :-)

  2. Chia, I'm supposed to and I try to cross train at least twice a week but it doesn't always work out that way. I also missed a run or two last month, I'm supposed to be running 3 times a week which usually equates to 12 or 13 runs a month.

  3. When you say big head, are you speaking metaphorically or is your dome actually getting bigger? That happened to Barry Bonds, you know. Big head=better times? Hmmmmmmm.....


  4. I'll just pucnh this data into my Nerdolator and report back the findings.

    I'll get right on that.


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