Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ian's Next Half Marathon in 1:36:30!

[by Candis]

Before I get to my race report let me do a very important projection for you...

Allow me to state Ian’s Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon goal. (Glad you started this?) Based on Ian’s Bolder Boulder 10k time of 52:07, the McMillan Running Calculator claims Ian could run a half marathon in 1:55:58 (an 8:52 pace). The Georgetown Half is ALL downhill... so we’ll subtract a minute off the pace for that (a 7:52 pace). Ten more weeks on the FIRST training plan? We can subtract another half minute from the pace for that (a 7:22 pace) making Ian’s goal time for the Georgetown half 1:36:30! Ha! Now when he blows the doors off his 1:59:52 PR with a 1:50 you won’t be impressed because I told you he could do better! Annoying isn’t it!

Being a seasoned, asthmatic runner of 2 whole years, I am beyond proud of my pace accomplishments. I’m becoming blazing fast! I’ve shaved 1 minute 20 seconds off my 10k pace and 47 seconds off my 5k pace! (My Colder Boulder 5k in December will astound you! You better get busy Shaving Your 5K!)

My Bolder Boulder goal was 1:06 (a 10:40pace). Ian knew I could do it although he claimed a one hour goal for me (sure). My biggest concern was feeling like crap. It’s an odd concern, but that’s how I felt last year when I first ran it. I had trained for 9 months, but I absolutely hated it and cursed the entire way. I finished by sheer will power (which I have little of) and knew I’d hate myself if I didn’t run the entire way. (Even though 1:13:31 feels like I was barely running.)

This time I was determined to kick some serious butt. I adopted the FIRST plan and forced myself off the hamster wheel. It totally worked. If you’re tired of hearing about the FIRST plan, then you’ll have to filter me. The Furman Institute of Running doesn’t pay me but they should. I am done with easy runs and running 5 times a week. 3 hard, to-the-point-of-failing runs a week, yup that’s for me.

My goal pace of 10:40 turned into an impressive 10:30 pace. Even more impressive and telling were my last 2 miles, both 10 minute miles. If I can run two 10 minute miles then in a few months I should easily be able to run 6.2 of them.

I should also mention that I’ve now been duped into running the Denver Half Marathon. Peer pressure I guess, I can’t seem to say no to Ian. [Ed. Note: Giggity, giggity!] He ran a 52 min 10k and I would have done anything he asked- too bad you wasted it on a race :) [Ed. Note: :( ]

Also of note... According to my scientific calculations I’ll be an elite runner in 2012 and we’ll retire on my winnings. Follow me on this, in one year I reduced my pace by 1:20 if I do that every year then I’ll be running a 5:09 pace by 2012. That would give me a 32:02 10K time, which would have easily taken first in the Elite Women’s race this year.

And because Ian didn’t post any of his pictures...

As if you care, here are my official numbers...
Overall place: 21198
Division place: 293 out of 673
Gender place: 8620 out of 26287
Mile 1: 10:49
Mile 2: 10:54
Mile 3: 10:46
Mile 4: 10:43
Mile 5: 10:00
Mile 6: 10:01
Net time: 1:05:11 (Pace: 10:29)


  1. I don't even think I can get to 1:50:00, 1:36:30 is just crazy talk woman! Now get in the kitchen and make me some dinner.

  2. Incredible run! Way to crush your goal. I think the sub-60 is in your very near future!

  3. Great job! With your 2 fastest miles coming last, I would certainly suggest you are very close to that goal 10 min mile pace. Sounds like you were conserving quite a bit if you could pick it up that much at the end. With Vanilla being at the finish line though, you probably were asking yourself 'what I am I really running TO anyhow?' Don't blame you.

  4. Candis - congrats on a great race and a super strong finish!

    Vanilla - cluck, cluck, buck, BAAWK

  5. Great race time, Candis!

    I second Ali's comment to Vanilla.

  6. @Candis - I'm a fan of the FIRST plan too...although I'm now using Matt Fitzgerald's Brain Training for Runners to shake things up.

    @Vanilla - Georgetown is an easy race. Stop your whining already.

  7. Congratulations on your great finish, Candis! Did you know that Paula Radcliffe has asthma? I just got her biography but haven't read it yet.***Your mention of the downhill course in the Georgetown Half Marathan so excited me that I seriously considered entering--but when I checked out using my frequent flyer miles to go to Denver there were, of course, no flights available. Darn it all!

  8. Let me know how you like the FIRST plan. I might try it when I got back to second year--seriously, not enough time for running!
    Great race:) Way to crush your goal!

    I very much like the formula of being an elite runner...
    But running that fast for that long makes me queezy.

  9. Great kick to the finish Candis. I can't wait to be disappointed in Vanilla's half marathon.


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