Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun with Race Pictures

When I was doing some research for this article at CRN I found myself pouring over thousands of race pictures from various events and there were some that just begged to be made fun of. Generally speaking, I don’t like to make fun of other runners because “what goes around, comes around,” and anyone who is running is OK in my book, (“my book” by the way, CAN be judged by its cover and has lots of pictures in it because I don’t really like to read). So, I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, but then Topher went and posted something very similar here and here and I thought “Crap, now I can’t do it without looking like I stole the idea from Topher.” But then I thought, “Wait, I’m writing a blog post not an editorial for the Washington Post,” and I realized that I don’t have any journalistic integrity nor do I need any. Life is so much easier when you have no standards.

Without further ado, on to the pictures and the mocking. Hooray mocking! It’s what I do best.

“Hey everyone, look at my 6 pack! Hey! Hey! Do you see it? Do you see that I have a 6 pack? Look! Does everyone see this? Just look at me!”

Well hello there Mr. Banana Grabber. This guy was walking when he spotted the cameras and thought “Quick, do something to make it look like you’re injured.”

You know how I know that this is the real Batman? He’s covering his bib number because he’s concerned about the citizens of Gotham learning his real identity. Nice try Bruce, but you’re not fooling anyone.

Cheater! If you’ve ever wondered what true love looks like I imagine it’s something like this, which is why you’ve never seen race pictures of me carrying my ever-supportive wife during a race. (Must fight urge to make ‘heavy’ joke.)

“Hi Kimmie! Yeah, I’m running this race right now but I just wanted to find out how your date went last night with TJ, he’s so yummy!” “Oh, hey can you hold on a second, I’ve got another call coming in...”

“Hey, you know what would be cute and also totally annoy the piss out of everyone behind us...”


  1. Nice, Vanilla. Real nice. Those people have feelings too, you know. At least when I mock people's race day photos, I blur their faces out. (My wife made me because she said it would be mean otherwise. I told her it's their faults for being idiots.)

    Thanks for the blog traffic generator, or shout-out, whatever you want to call it.

  2. See, I'd have taken it a step further and put blog names with pictures. That's just me.

    Love the last pic. I'm still laughing about that one.

  3. She ain't heavy, she's my wife

    /Neil Diamondized

  4. Re:last photo--That's what people did the whole time during my last race. One of these days, when my patience is on zero and I no longer feel like being nice, I'll mow those people down and glory in my achievement.

  5. Some friends of mine take part in a wife carrying competition every year. Basically, the husband has to run an obstacle course with his wife on his back, each race is two couples at a time and total time is used to determine the winners. It includes climbing over haybales and up walls and such.

    Most of the women are carried upside down so that the men can hold onto the legs and the women can hold onto the waist (which cuts off less circulation).

  6. ya, too bad that guy in the first one DOESN"T have a 6-pack. very entertaining pictures.

  7. Does the six-pack guy realize that he needs a bro, or a manssiere? (See Seinfeld if you don't know what I'm talking about).

  8. I think the fist guy is suffering from nipple friction. He needs some body glide or bandaids.

  9. I really want to clothesline the girl in red.


    All of them.


    Them and anyone that lines up in front and WALKS.


  10. I am sooo with Whitney on this one. Cover the boobies homie, cover em!

  11. I suddenly feel much better about myself and my race pictures. And that's what making fun of others is all about, right?

    So, um, I haven't been commenting here because I haven't been able to get here lately. Every time I click on your link, my IE freezes up and has to close. Today was the first day in awhile where I've been able to navigate to your blog and even scroll, read, enjoy and comment. Has anyone else reported any issues? Or am I the only one?

    BTW, it's been an issue on both my home and work computers -- so it's not just one computer's issue. And I freely blog while at work.

  12. Jess, thanks for the heads up on the IE freezing issue. I mostly use Firefox so I wasn't aware of it. If it happens again will you leave another comment or e-mail me? Thx.

  13. And I thought MINE were bad. At least I know there are bunch of other runners that are TOOLS, too.

  14. None of these beat of the picture of the guy with crapped pants. I don't think any picture will top that one.

  15. Hey if you wear a Batman outfit, you are begging for attention! I love the races where people dress up. Though I can't imagine actually running with such a get-up, it makes it fun as a spectator!

  16. I thought the guy in the Batman costume was Viper!! And the women in red may have been in the Minnie Mouse 15k I ran in May. By the time I got around the LINES of "friends" who stuck together I found myself in mile 4. No kidding.

    Ps. I also could not get into your blog, i thought it was computer. my kids play Roblox and it makes my PC slow...grrrrr

  17. Those pics are great....I feel so bad for the people behind the women in red....! Love batman.

  18. Does Matthew McConaughey actually one ANY full sized T shirts or tops in his wardrobe at all? !!!

  19. HAHAHAHAH this is totally a funny post! =) hello there!

    And I thought at first you were that guy who was running with a 6 pack but after a while.. holy cow! This post is.. funny! :P

    adding you up, linking you :)


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