Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Splits

Weekend Splits is my recap of things that I found interesting or humorous over the past week. If you have a submission for the weekend splits e-mail me.

Thanks to Lucho (who’s faster than you are) for posting the above picture for me to steal. Head on over to his blog to check out some additional ads featuring Lance Armstrong.
  • If you somehow missed my Race Shirt Etiquette post at CRN then don’t forget to check it out.
  • If you’re looking for someone to cheer you on at your next race I’d think twice before asking Nitmos.
  • Kara had a post titled Sporty is Sexy, which pretty much guarantees that I’m going to read it.
  • Roman presents the Top 15 Ways to win Friends and Influence Athletes, but somehow managed to miss the best way to win friends, which is to simply emulate Vanilla. Not as easy as it sounds.
  • It’s voting time! The Best of Blogs voting is going on right now and several blogs that I read have been announced as finalists; I’ll Run for Donuts, A Marathon Leap, and SarahJoAustin. I’m not going to tell you who I’m voting for *cough* Donuts! *cough* but you can click here to go vote. While you’re there you can also cast a vote for Daddy’s Little Tax Credits (my other blog) as the Best Daddy Blog.
  • Finally, my oldest son turned 5 years old this past week and my ever-supportive wife blogged about it. It has nothing to do with running at all, but I thought it was the best cake she’s made for a birthday and wanted to share it.

Comment of the Week
Viper on the There’s No I in Team post.
“Yeah, but can she cook?”

Random Non-Running Related Video of the Week
Thank you to those of you who inquired if Roberto ever stepped up to claim his Lipton Bike. He did. In fact he just sent me the following video of his first ride on it, he’s the one in white. Let’s take a look.

What the...? Sonofa...
Happy running everyone! Have a great weekend!


  1. Interesting video...ha

    Hope you had a spectacular weekend!

  2. No - I'm not running in my short skirt ; 0

  3. I did cast a vote for D.L.T.C. but did so with a sneer and a disgusting guttural sound to match.

  4. Finally, the recognition I deserve.

  5. OMG.....that was so funny!!! are the Shave Your 5K times coming along? I have been shaving....LOL


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