Thursday, May 15, 2008

To Slip ‘n Slide or to not to?

This could be me!

I think I might have mentioned that I’m running the Bolder Boulder 10K on Memorial Day and I’m always tempted by the Slip ‘n Slide that is usually on one of the front lawns along the course. This year I thought that I’d put it up to a vote of my readers to determine whether or not I should do the Slip ‘n Slide in the middle of my 10K.

If everything went according to plan, there is a poll at the bottom of this post that you can use to register your vote but before you do, please consider the following list of pros and cons.

Pros of Slip ‘n Sliding
  • It will be wet, refreshing and will cool me down.
  • The kids trying to recruit people will be happy that I did it, think about the children.
  • If I swallow some water I might be able to forgo the next water station and make up the time the Slip ‘n Slide cost me.
  • It will be fun.

Cons of Slip ‘n Sliding

  • My clothes will be soaking wet, making them heavier, costing me even more time.
  • Chaaaaaaaaaaaaafing!
  • My bib could get torn off.
  • Shoes. Squelchy. Sucks.
  • Cold water = shrinkage
  • It might cost me valuable time.
  • What if my Garmin isn’t waterproof? Are you going to buy me a new Garmin?

That last one reminds me of this shady little watch repair shop located close to my office, where I assume you can buy $30 Rolexes that are hotter than half of Winona Ryder’s wardrobe. There’s a handwritten note taped on the door that says ‘we’ll waterproof test your watch.’ It makes me chuckle because I always picture the robust Greek owner coming out and handing someone their waterlogged watch back and telling them “Sorry, this watch is not waterproof.” But perhaps I should take my Garmin to them, after I make sure that they have a more scientific way of testing it than just deep sixing it.


  1. Yes...because I believe the children are our future. :)

  2. If done properly, it will entertain me in a future post.

  3. Of course it's a terrible idea. But how could you resist?

  4. I'm with missallycat. . . .do it for the kids. . .

    but remember if it tears off your bib, you've probly also ruined their slip & slide with the pins! that would suck (for the kids)

    on the con's list. . . .how cold is it?? how much shrinkage, cause you're clothes will stick to you & most people will be able to see that (shape) through your very wet, riding up from sliding, wet shorts. . . . . . .just another thought.

    BUT this is also a great form of entertainment for you & all of us faithful readers.

    & garmin's are waterproof...
    arent' they???
    I mean you can run with them in rain, right???

    OK I just went to the GARMIN web-page & all are waterproof.BUT, for more fun, have Greek guy do the test, just to see the test

  5. I love the Slip 'n Slide; it brings the kid out in all of us!

  6. Slip n' Sliding Vanilla? Someone get a camera. I see a new blog masthead about to be created.

  7. Who can resist a slip-n-slide? Seriously now, you know you want to play too...

  8. I doth paraphrase Dr. Suess:

    "Oh, the places you'll slip."

  9. Yes, then you can be like the Girls Next Door.

  10. "I only want you to do it if you will be able to show us proof. No pictures, and I don't know if we'll believe you." she said in a taunting voice. :)

  11. - you'll twist your ankle and hobble to the end
    - I'll beat you

    - if you do it- we want a during slide photo on your phone!

  12. Slip 'n Slide--Do it!

    Taking Garmin to Greek man for testing--Don't do it! My father is Greek. I know how shady these people are.

  13. Garmin's are waterproof to up to 15 feet for under 30 minutes.

    You'll be fine :-)

  14. It seems that most of us want you to do it even though we think it's a bad idea. Hmmm.

  15. HEEELLLL YEAAHHHH!! And get that camera. We want to see that action. How about you just wear a bikini to the race? Totally solves the prob of heavier clothes . . .something to think about, you know :P

  16. That's great! You should definetly do it!

  17. You will break your neck.

    Seriously, there's a reason the lawyering on the package says great big ol' adults aren't supposed to slip and slide on those things. You'll do a faceplant and break your freakin' neck.

    Other than that, go for it!

  18. Reeks of bad idea...which is probably why you should do it.

  19. Might not be a good idea if you consider the other "A" wave participants might think you're just showing off.

    You are in the "A" wave aren't you?

  20. Screw it. Those Slip 'n Slides are never as fun as they look, especially if the surface underneath is kinda bumpy.

    On the other hand, it could be the start of a cool new Du event, with you on the cutting edge, setting those historic first time records.

  21. Unless you are trying to contend against Ryan (or Deena) why wouldn't you slip n slide? Dude, really.

  22. Maybe you'll slide faster than you run and BUY some time!! I say GO FOR IT!

  23. I say do it twice! That will make both my votes count. Ha ha! Gotta love having multiple computers.

  24. of course you should do the slip and slide...that way if you don't finish in the time you want you have a great excuse..

  25. Slip n Slide and have someone take pictures for the rest of the world to enjoy.


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