Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Personal Running Log - April 2008

This is my running log for April. I post this mostly for my reference and to validate the fact that I am actually a runner. I always assume that everyone just ignores these posts because they’re pretty boring, but on the off chance that you are interested I decided to take a moment to explain the table below.

For the most part my long runs are supposed to be at a 9:11 min/mile pace, my tempo runs are at an 8:30 min/mile pace and my intervals vary by the distance I’m running (1600s at 8:06 pace, 800s at 7:51 pace & 400s at 7:41 pace). I run a mile for warm up and cool down at the beginning and end of each interval and tempo run. Those miles are reflected in the distance you see listed and the average pace which is why they might appear slower than they should. I’ve debated leaving those warm up and cool down miles out to improve my average pace but I ran those miles, and I want to be sure to take credit for them.

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4/28/20086 Mile Long HillIntervals (4x1200)6 Mi53:288:55
4/27/20086 Mile Long HillLong6 Mi56:229:24
4/25/20086 Mile Long HillTempo6.01 Mi53:518:58
4/22/20085 Miles Out & BackIntervals (6x800)5.63 Mi50:308:59
4/20/200810 Mile LakeLong10 Mi1:33:349:22
4/16/20085 Miles Out & BackTempo5 Mi45:439:09
4/14/20086 Mile Long HillIntervals (10x400)5.9 Mi54:099:11
4/12/20088 MileLong8 Mi1:13:039:08
4/9/20082 Mile LoopEasy (with Dog)2 Mi19:089:34
4/8/2008Home TreadmillIntervals (misc.)5.25 Mi46:158:49
4/5/200810 Mile LakeLong10 Mi1:31:439:11
4/3/20086 Mile Long HillTempo6 Mi52:568:50
4/1/2008TrackIntervals5.91 Mi51:288:43
Distance: 81.7 miles
Total Time: 12:22:10


  1. Hey Vanilla, I just wanted to let you know I totally CHICKED a guy at my race on Sunday. A big, muscle guy to boot. :D

    Love your blog!

  2. You keep a good log. I don't have the ability to focus in order to do just sit down and do it. I also like how you have your workouts down to the pace you want. I wish I had the motivation to get all that done.

  3. This yellow running man above is totally mesmerizing. I can't take my eyes off of it. Watch. He nevers gets tired.

    Your running log reveals the true signs of a FIRSTer. Not much variance in pace across the runs. I see a 10 miler...half way to your longest marathon training LR.

  4. I struggle with the same dilemma. Those warm up/cool down miles always muck things up.

    They're not worthy of a separate entry, but I too can't not take credit for them.

  5. Interesting. So this is the organized side of Vanilla?

  6. So this is what an organized runner looks like- hmm, I'm going to have a good long talk with my little black running log.


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