Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Bolder Boulder 10K Race Report
Do you guys remember last week when I said that my goal for the Bolder Boulder was to run it in under 52:08? Well, guess what? I totally made it! I finished in 52:07! (8:24 pace.) Mission accomplished! If you don’t remember me setting that goal, then just take my word for it. No need whatsoever to go back and check that post to confirm what my stated goal was.

I was going to have to run an unprecedented race to achieve my pipedream of a 50 minute 10K, and 52:07 is a new PR so I’ve got that going for me. As a point of reference I ran the Bolder Boulder last year in 56:00 and that was a PR at the time. So while I didn’t get down to 50, I’m still happy with my time (I’m just going to keep telling myself this). Sometimes in life you have to lower your expectations, and when you’re me, you have to do it a lot. I’m still planning on breaking the 50 minute mark before the end of this year which means I’ll have to look for another 10K to run, and of course if that doesn’t work I’ll lower my expectations some more and try to break the 50 minute 8K or the 50 minute 5K before the end of the year. By the time all is said and done I’m confident that I’ll achieve all of my goals for the year. I’m a positive Type A personality like that.

The Race
When we arrived at the start it was a cloudy 53 degrees, a perfect day for running, and an even perfecter day for sleeping in and sitting in front of the fireplace with coffee and a donut. Unfortunately we were doing the former. We sorted through the jumble of humanity in search of the mobile lockers. Runners wandered between packet pickup, registration and port-a-potties before being funneled through the starting gate; a scene that must have looked like a sausage being stuffed from the helicopter above. In line for the mobile lockers my friend pointed out two girls preparing to run in tie dye shirts and their underwear, the words “couldn’t find pants” written on their legs. It took a good amount of ogling to determine the message, but it needed to be done so that this race report could be accurate. You. Are. Welcome. When I saw them again in my wave I knew that I had found my pace team.

The gun fired and I immediately ditched my spouse and went off on my own, something she should have done a long time ago. I managed to reign myself in a little over the first mile or two which was one of my goals for this race. Too often I have gone out fast in the first couple of miles and then faded towards the end, but this year I am pleased to report that I went out slow in the first 2 miles... before fading towards the end.

Somewhere around mile 2, I saw the Slip ‘n Slide and I noticed that it ended in a huge muddy puddle at the bottom of the yard. I quickly evaluated the situation and ran right on by, knowing that I would just have to disappoint my dear readers. It was a surprisingly easy decision and one that I did not feel remotely guilty about. Hey, if you’re not used to me disappointing you on a regular basis yet, then you’re not a regular reader.

I ran on, thinking about how I would break the news that I had failed to Slip ‘n Slide. I decided that I was going to title this post DNS and then explain that it stood for Did Not Slip ‘n Slide, it was going to be great. However, half way through mile 3 I came across another Slip ‘n Slide with no mud in sight, I built up a head of steam and dove headlong into sopping misery. I popped up at the far end amidst raucous cheers and high fives from the college students who were already completely Winehouse’d in spite of the fact that it was 8:00 in the morning. My wet clothes clung to me and the shock of the ice cold shirt sapped the air from my lungs. My breath came in short gasps and my heart thumped loudly against my ribcage. I slowed my pace and tried to ring out my shirt as best as I could. On the positive side my legs were so cold that they no longer felt tired.

I tried to push the pace in miles 4 and 5, even waving off the friendly gentleman offering bacon and veggie bacon, before my ritual fade on the hill to the finish in mile 6. Side note: Veggie bacon? Welcome to Boulder. Vegetables can never be bacon, they just can’t and they shouldn’t even try. The stadium finish was fantastic, and I’m really not that upset about missing my goal; one of the benefits of a life spent aiming low, I suspect.

Candis finished in 1:05:12 shattering her previous PR of 1:13:30, but there’ll be more on that later. We didn’t spend much time in the stadium due to the fact that it was still chilly and I was wearing wet clothes and shivering like a paint shaker. For your enjoyment, here are my official splits:

Mile 1 - 8:25
Mile 2 - 8:28
Mile 3 - 8:31
Mile 4 - 8:20
Mile 5 - 8:15
Mile 6 - 8:25
Total: 52:07


  1. I think that, in the spirit of an accurate race report, we needed pictures of the aforementioned pantsless runners.

    Nice job on the PR!

  2. I second the Razz!

    Great job on the PR. Now your 10K is faster than mine. Crap.

  3. Nice job! The SnS didn't appear to cost you much time either. If you keep shaving your PR like this, just think in roughly 127 more 10k's you'll be under 50 minutes!!

  4. Congrats to both you and Candis for setting two awesome PRs!

    But I am disappointed that you opted out fo the slip 'n slide.

  5. Glad you did the slip n' slide. The true benefit of it all is that if you didnt beat your goal by 1 second you would have had a completely worthy excuse. And since you DID beat it, it shows that you have the ability to run your race, do a little slippin and sliding, and recover from cold-wetness all in the blink of an eye ;)

  6. 56 to 52, huh? So next year you're going to run a 48, right?

    Nice work, and way to go on the Slip 'n' Slide!

  7. Well done on the PRs, Vanilla and Candis!

    So, no pics of the slip 'n sliding?

  8. GREAT JOB to both of you!!

    PR's for both??/

    Glad to hear you weren't stabbed by the pin's!!!!

    awesome job!!!

  9. The key to racing and blind dates: Low Expectations

    I got a husband that way. :D

    Nice work to you and Candice. I'm totally jealous of her 1:05.

  10. Congrats on the PR! And I'm really glad you didn't let us all down by not Slip n' Sliding

  11. Congrats you two!! Brilliant showing!

  12. ROFLMAO Nancy!

    I'm with Xenia, what's up? No pics? How do we know you fo really reals did it?

    CONGRATS to both you and Mrs Vanilla! Awesome job! I knew you'd do great! ;D ;D

  13. "Winehouse'd"? LOVE IT! Glad you slipped and slid. :o) Congrats on your PR - my injury better heal, I still have my sights on Peachtree!

  14. A PR, AND you did the slip 'n slide? Very impressive! And Congrats to Candis for shaving 8 minutes for her new PR, too! I don't need to see pictures of the pantsless girls, but where's the pics of you on the slip n slide?

  15. Didn't look like the slip n' slide slowed you down at all! WTG!

    Good job to both of you on the PR's.

  16. That is totally awesome...AND you did the slip n slide...YOU'RE THE MAN!

  17. Like I knew you both would, Congratulations!!

  18. No pictures of pantsless runners AND no pictures of Slip N Slide...what kind of race report is this?!

    Way to go, Vanilla and Candis! Maybe I need to incorporate a little Slip N Slide to the end of my long runs since it seemed to have worked wonders for you.

  19. If they have a Slip n Slide at my 10K in 2 weeks it'll have to be either:
    a) a special anti-gravity model(the course is pretty much uphill for the first 5K)
    b) padded at the end with foam blocks (assuming it is available on the downhill portion of the race - that's right . . .the second 5K).
    Either way, it sounds like a great way to add a bit o' excitement to the race. Maybe my moms' club should set one up on the course (we're more of a tech geek/young family town). Good times!
    Kudos for a great race and for making the time to play a bit along the way.

  20. YAY Vanilla!!! Wonderful report! I'm extremely impressed with you keeping your pace throughout the race. That is fantastic!

    YAY for Candis too!!! You go girl!!!!!

  21. Nice job on the PRs! I'm especially impressed with your post-SnS splits!

  22. Congrats on your PRs Vanilla and Mrs. Vanilla!

  23. The key to getting under 50 min? You take your altitude acclimated self down to sea level and I'm sure 50 min will be a breeze :-)

  24. Wait, they don't have a Slip 'n' Slide Graded time? You definitely need to get bonus time taken off your time for the SnS action.

    Congrats on a race well run.

  25. I think you just gave Christine and I our costume idea for the Disney Marathon in January. Disney needs a little un-family-friendly action anyway!

    Congrats on the great time. It's amazing that you met your goal by exactly one second! What are the odds of that?

  26. Couldn't find the kilt? You should have joined the sans-pants brigade.

    According to my McAltitude Calculator 52:07 is worth 49:59 down by the beach. Nice PB :)

  27. Congrats on the PR....way to do the slip and slide!!

  28. Nice steady pace. I usually start super fast and end super slow.
    Congrats on your time!


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