Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Personal Running Log - March 2008

Hopefully you all realized that my post yesterday was just an April Fools day joke. I’ll be extremely upset if my site visits drop off dramatically today as a result of people believing that I have quit blogging, but at the same time I’ll have upped the collective IQ of my readership. Kind of an addition by subtraction or a trimming of the fat.

In other April Fools related news; Runners World did a pretty good job with their article, Google introduced Custom Time, YouTube Rick-Rolled millions of users by having all of their ‘Featured Videos’ link to this, Viper announced that he was going dry, and Ovens2Betsy announced that she was giving up running. I’m sure that I’ve missed a few so feel free to link them in the comments if you like.

I’ll have another post later today or early tomorrow morning, whenever I feel like it really.

3/29/20089 Mile LoopLong9 Mi1:22:079:08
3/27/2008Misc RouteCrappy4.62 Mi46:039:59
3/25/2008TrackIntervals6.1 Mi54:128:54
3/22/20088 MileLong8 Mi1:12:419:06
3/20/2008Home TreadmillTempo6 Mi54:009:00
3/18/20085 Miles Out & BackIntervals5 Mi44:338:55
3/15/20087 Miles Out & BackTempo7 Mi1:02:228:55
3/11/2008Home TreadmillIntervals (5 x 800)6 Mi54:009:00
3/8/20087 Miles Out & BackLong7 Mi1:02:549:00
3/6/2008Misc RouteTempo5.63 Mi51:029:04
3/4/2008Misc RouteIntervals (8 x 400)6.01 Mi56:249:24
3/1/200811 Mile LoopLong11 Mi1:48:159:51
Distance: 81.4 miles
Total Time: 12:28:33


  1. I finally had to tell my friend last night that Gmail Custom Time was a prank. I even hinted that I'd send her an e-mail Monday to remind what day yesterday was and she still thought it was real.

    Thanks for the link.

  2. Phew. Glad to make it through Natural Selection. :D

  3. I like the tag of "fiction and lies" on your previous post, but shouldn't that be a tag for all of your posts?

    Sorry, I'm still gunning for that arch-nemesis position!

  4. I clued in when you said you were dedicating yourself to work!

    Rick Astley story ... I was working in a Tennis club in England in 1998, when Rick and his driver came in for lunch. Within 10 minutes of him arriving 20 females had congregated in the bar. He was well past his sell by date, gained 40 lbs and had long hair and didn't break into song or dance ... which is probably a good thing.

  5. There was a post in a yahoo running group I belong to ( and someone posted that we had to start wearing running helmets! People freaked. They said first the iPod, now helmets???? Having 4 kids, there was no way I took anything serious yesterday!!! ALLLLL day the kids tried to be foolers...LOL

  6. Sadly, I believed you.

    I was just thinking today..."How could that guy just STOP his blog when I'm trying to Shave my 5K?"

    Good one. You got me.

  7. I thought that was an April Fools joke... you almost had me! :)

  8. I hadn't seen the Youtube joke. Thanks for getting that into my head. :)

  9. BMW does an April Fool's Day advert every year. Links to the last 9 years' are here:

  10. I thought the gmail custom time was real. They got me.

  11. Great job!! I tried to get people all day 7 failed MISERABLY!

    Looks like Jess is still working on the Nemisis position.....

  12. Good Month in Running. If you get much faster though, you'll need to change the blog to Full Fast.

    That month looks like the beginning 4 weeks of your average 16 week marathon training plan. May has well finish out the last 12 weeks and hit a full marathon now, eh?

  13. I got fooled on the Runners World article ... just today. (Um, its April 3rd)


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