Monday, April 28, 2008

Me and My Izumis do the Illest Things

You may remember (because you’re totally jealous) that I received a free pair of Pearl Izumi SyncroInfinity running shoes a little over a month ago. At the time I posted about how much I liked the look of the shoes and said that I’d save the performance review for a later date. Today is that later date.

So as to not appear like a complete sell-out I’m going to start with the cons:
  • The laces are a little shorter than I’d like, but they do have the Pearl Izumi logo on the fluglebinder (+6 word score, -15 cool points) which I always think looks awesome.
  • The Pearl Izumi logo on the inside of the shoe has rubbed off on some of my running socks meaning I have to wash them after every run instead of after every 3 or 4.
  • The tread on the bottom of the shoe appears to be wearing out a little quicker than I think it should.

All of those are pretty minor details, especially when you take into account the pros:

  • They might be the most comfortable shoes that I’ve ever run in. Seriously. You’re probably taking this with a grain of salt since you know that I was given the shoes free, but you shouldn’t. I hope that you all know me well enough to know that I would have loved to write a scathing, sarcasm-riddled rant against Pearl Izumi about how crappy their shoes are, but that’s simply not the case.
  • They still look awesome. Did I mention how much I like the way these shoes look?
  • Two words: Seamless Upper. I read somewhere that Pearl Izumi’s “seamless upper delivers a superb, friction-free fit,” and it seamed (get it) like something I should mention. Now I’ve never noticed any friction from seams on other shoes, but there definitely isn’t any with the SyncroInfinity.
  • SKYDEX® Heel Crash Pad and High Rebound SKYDEX® forefoot propulsion pad. Absolutely NO IDEA what those are but don’t they sound comfortable? They are. Plus anything that gives any kind of “propulsion” has to be a good thing, right?
  • No need for iPod. When you lace up a pair of Pearl Izumi SyncroInfinity running shoes the Rocky soundtrack starts playing as if by magic. (OK now I’m totally selling out, and lying too.)

Bonus points awarded in the comments (and street cred revoked) for anyone who can tell me where “fluglebinder” is from. Bonus points forfeited for telling me that it’s actually called an aglet. Just shut up, OK.


  1. COCKTAIL. Yup, I just lost 10,000 cool points.

  2. the key, as far as my fat feet are concerned, is width. how wide are these shoes?

  3. These shoes are hot. I've always wanted to try them on appearance alone. Nice review. You sold me.

  4. Whats pathetic is that I actually googled that. What has my life come to, that I seek approval "points" from Vanilla? Sigh...

    I still maintain you are a sellout. I think you need to start doling out your free goods to all of us serfs so we can do a true, unbiased review. Until I see a box on my doorstep, I will not trust your comments.

  5. Elizabeth Shue in Cocktail, pondering the simple million dollar idea. Oh, if only I could find my fluglebinder...

  6. I stop by here to do the mocking...not be mocked.

    Also, don't challenge me with your silly made up words. If anything, a fluglebinder is a thing that binds together several flugles. I saw that somewhere...

  7. I'm sure Pearl Izumi loves My Adidas.

    Whose house is this?

  8. TOm cruise; well, really Elizabeth Shue (sp), holdign the umbrealla in COCKTAIL!!!

    OH & i'm glad you're loving the shoes.

    I am VERY jealous & sad for the rest of us comon folk who don't get free crap (crap because if I dobn't get it I'm all mad & mean about it)

  9. Blogger love. Thank you Pearl Izumi, for recognizing fellow blogger Vanilla as a credible source of running knowledge and advice. (snicker, hee hee)

    Thanks for the review. Did you practice twirling the drinks after that movie? :D

  10. If you really want to claim credibility on anything (fictional shoe parts included) just say that you saw it on the Discovery Channel. Try it. It works.

  11. Um, do you really only wash your stinky socks after every three uses? Thank goodness the Izumi forces you to wash more frequently :)

  12. Silly, silly man. A "fuglebinder" is the thingy that lets you combine the great sound of a "bugle" AND a "flute". It's pink with little purple flowers on it and if you lace it into your running shoes, you'll be able to run wicked fast. It's supposed to be a secret, but there it is.

  13. Tell me, are the shoes heavy when they're coated in Teflon like that? Glad they're comfy, but I can't help but think they look like my popover tins.

  14. Thanks for the review. i really want to try the new Zoot shoes and if they send them to you I will turn green.

  15. Ooh - I can't wait to get a pair so I can hear the Rocky theme every time I run!

    But how are they in the snow-high-heel department? Or are these strictly summer running shoes?

  16. Ummm.... Elizabeth Shue. I love that movie.
    I miss my Pearls. They died a death too soon. Beware the treads go quick. I wrote a goodbye letter.(Tears welling up... must hide blood shot shame)

    BTW. Pearl Izumi is giving away socks for just trying on their shoes at Expos. I got mine at The Flying Pig Expo. I hope to get another pair at the Cleveland Expo.


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