Friday, April 25, 2008

Do Not Attempt

Have you ever tried to walk on your hands on a treadmill? This is one of those questions that you never have to ask because the answer is either unequivocally “no” or the person to whom you’re speaking is too far back on the evolutionary chain to respond. It’s kind of like the “can we take the car pool lane” question, if there’s someone there to answer it then you don’t have to ask it.

The guy in the video is taking stupid to new levels that many experts didn’t even think were possible. He’s like the Roger Bannister of stupid, and walking on your hands on a treadmill is the new 4 minute mile.

Wait, did his shirt say “Swim Naked” on it? That dude is totally cool. He’s like my hero or something.

In a mildly related note, last week I posted a couple of the dos and don’ts that ChampionChip had listed on their website. One of them was don’t walk across the timing mat on your hands, and I noted that whoever wrote that had a funny sense of humor. In the comments of that post Frayed Laces, who runs with or without a pelvis, said:
I like to think that instead of the writers having a sense of humor, people actually tried that stuff. Remember, most people are idiots.
Well said Frayed Laces.



  1. So, we're not supposed to walk the treadmill on our hands, nor are we to cross a start line with a timing chip whilst walking on our hands. What other anti-hand walking activities are you going to ban us from?!

  2. To respond to Jess: there is somewhere really dirty I could go with your comment, but I'm going to be big and not go there. That's all I have to say.

  3. I don't even like WALKING on a treadmill...Did you see "Ok, Go" do that video with the synchronized treadmill dance?? That was cool.

  4. When idiots and treadmills collide :-)

    Matt Johnson


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