Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weekend Splits

Weekend Splits is my recap of things that I found interesting or humorous over the past week. If you have a submission for the weekend splits e-mail me.

Let me begin this week by congratulating my wife who set a new 5K PR in today’s St. Patrick’s Day 5K beating her old PR by nearly 2½ minutes. I’d tell you more about it but I’m going to let her tell you in a guest post on Monday and I don’t want to steal her thunder if I haven’t already by telling you all that she PR’d. Yes, she will be entering the Shave Your 5K Challenge.

  • CRN’s handsomest new writer (that’s me, I may also be the vainest and illiterate-ist) had a post go up this week that will give you some new ideas for your iPod playlist, and I’m not talking about songs either. Intrigued? Go read it.
  • Running Jayhawk is hosting a March Madness Bracket to support their Team in Training fundraising efforts which benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Head on over and fill out a bracket, there are tons of prizes that they’ll be giving away including stuff from Amphipod, Yankz, Injinji, and Runervals to name a few. To be honest with you I’m not even sure what some of those things are, well except for Injinji which was a Robin Williams movie.
  • There have been a few posts about the 101 year old man running the London Marathon, but I liked Jenn’s the best because it’s really concise. More concise than this bullet point. Also, Jenn e-mailed it to me so I didn’t have to go looking for it, and it was concise. Did I say that already?
  • If you’re somewhere where it’s still cold then Kristina has a solution for you. Insulation in the form of thicker skin.
  • Betsy posted one of my favorite motivational YouTube videos, and then had a humorous post to go along with it. It’s a double-threat, except replace “threat” with “treat” because it’s not threatening, except don’t because a double-treat doesn’t sound as cool.

Comment of the Week
From Nitmos on my Wanted: Evil Arch Nemesis post:

I can not accept Nancy’s nomination despite the fact that your half marathon time is laughable (did you walk it?) and your blog gives off the faint odor of moldy cheese.

I liked it because I was initially offended by it until I caught on to what he was doing. Thanks Nitmos. But seriously, what the hell is a Nitmos? It’s not even a real word, I know that because of the squiggly red line that showed up underneath it when I typed this. I noticed that there was a definition of what a Nitmos is at the bottom of your blog and I was going to read it but it was kind of long, plus it turned out that I really don’t care.

Big thanks to Nancy (who ROCKS) for introducing me to Nitmos, because I’ve been enjoying reading his blog. I’m afraid that he’s too fast to be my Evil Arch Nemesis. While I did want someone faster than me, I didn’t want someone who was THAT much faster than me. I’ve got to be able to beat my Evil Arch Nemesis on occasion otherwise what trash talk will I be able to use in my defense? As crappy a moniker as “Nitmos” is, I can only draw on that well so many times before it starts getting old.

There were several other outstanding candidates to fill the role of my Evil Arch Nemesis. RazZDoodle fits the bill well, plus he’s a Husker fan so he’s got that going against him. Mr. Satan A. Chilles has a great name for an Evil Arch Nemesis, as does Viper but I’m still convinced that he drives a Toyota Prius and no Arch Nemesis of mine is going to drive a freakin’ Prius. Jess majored in laser beams which would be good if I could handle getting chicked and then being taunted about it, and kyle is clearly over-qualified to handle the sarcasm requirements as are several others. In the end it was good to see that a lot of you are eager to skewer me on a regular basis, but I’m beginning to learn that you can’t just go out and hire an Arch Nemesis. I think it’s something that you have to build to. You can’t force the relationship of Hero vs. Arch Nemesis, it will just develop over time.

No Random Non-Running Related Video of the Week this week, go look one up yourself. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend everyone!


  1. Damn, I thought he was perfect for you. I should have known how picky you'd be. Is your wife slotted for sainthood yet? :D

    I do ROCK. Thanks for noticing.


  2. yeah. Nancy DOES rock.

    I think there was a typo in the Splits this week. The fact that I'm a Husker fan means I have that going FOR me.

    Number of National Championships (football)
    Nebraska - 5
    Colorado - 1*

    *needed 5 downs vs. Missouri to do it.

  3. Sadly, that just means my kids will have to suffer my snarky comments as there will be no other outlet.

    Also, this means I can't employ my new "FTV" measurement scale wherein each run is quantified in Faster Than Vanilla units. So sad. ;)

  4. It's not often that I'm concise. Thank you for saying so.


  5. Nitmos, if you need an outlet for snarky comments then feel free to continue using this as your forum. They amuse me. ;)

  6. You're right, you can't really 'go out and hire' an E.A.N. And I don't know what the hell 'Nitmos' stands for either, but at least the word 'sin' is in there somewhere, that counts for something. And thanks for the shout-out 'bout the 'Satan' moniker. 'Dick Cheney' was already taken.

    Perhaps, perhaps... you should stop looking for your arch nemesis... could he be in... the bathroom mirror? (insert standard evil laugh here)


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