Saturday, March 1, 2008

Weekend Splits - Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Weekend Splits is my recap of things that I found interesting or humorous over the past week. If you have a submission for the weekend splits e-mail me.

I’m not going to lie to you sexy readers, posting the Weekend Splits every Saturday (occasionally Sunday) is kind of a pain in the glutes. Go look at the stats for almost any blog and you’ll see that there are fewer readers on the weekend and I’m afraid to tell you that Half-Fast is no different. People just don’t take the time to stop and read blogs on the weekend and I have to believe that this applies even more to runners who are busy trying to get in their long runs. So my question to you today is this: Should the Weekend Splits stay or should they go? How many of you read them or click on the links that are posted? Let me hear your thoughts on the Weekend Splits in the comments so that I can ignore them decide if I’m going to continue posting them on a regular basis.

As for this week? Here is your link dump:
  • Reluctant Runner is amending her stance on hating hills, now she only hates uphills and if anyone has any information on how to join the Olympic Downhill Running Team she’s all ears.
  • J-Money, who writes one of my very favorite blogs, wrote some letters to strangers including one to the “gentleman” who flipped the bird while “politely” suggesting she run on the sidewalk.
  • Sarah (who’s waist is small and curves are kickin’) is discovering what it’s like to have people checking out your rump. These good looks can be a curse sometimes. Also of note, I stole the picture above from Sarah’s blog. Thanks for being so understanding Sarah.
  • The Daily Runner posted a short 20 second video that I like to call “Watch out for that last hurdle... and the one before it... and also the one before that.” Good thing I don’t believe in karma, because laughing so hard at that guy would not be good for it.
  • Amy e-mailed me a link to the Most Ineffective Diets, and quite frankly it confirms what I’ve always suspected; there’s no such thing as a good diet.

Random Non-Running Related Video of the Week
My sister sent me this video clip from the show Moment of Truth. If you’re not familiar with the show it is, in my sister’s words “where people go to ruin their lives and not win any money for it.” Sounds fun, no? Enjoy.

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy running!


  1. I ditched my weekend posts a couple months ago when Mr McG's work schedule changed to a reg 9-5 M-F. It's harder to get online during the weekend, you know? Most peeps are trying to play catch up with the fam :-) I'd probably ditch it, especially if it's a PITA.

  2. sniff... no more weekend splits?
    sniff, woebegone look

    Not even on the weekdays? :(

  3. Merry, I may continue to post them if a lot of people like them. I was just looking for some feedback. I may end up posting them every other week or something too.

  4. I watched that episode of Moment of Truth from start to finish, the only one I have watched. There was so my hype for the show. I felt uncomfortable for her and her family/husband throughout the entire half hour. Awful!

  5. Pardon my ignorance, but since I'm never planning to watch this show, I have to ask: what would happen if she just lied? Is she hooked up to a lie detector machine? 'cause I gotta tell you, those things don't always work. Had to take a lie detector test for a job once, and the questioner didn't believe me when I told the truth, but then he accepted a lie I told in its place.

  6. I love your splits, but maybe do every other weekend so you can enjoy your weekends as well.

  7. The weekend is the only time I have to sit down at the computer and really read blogs. I teach PE, so I never ever am online during the day. Nighttime is dinner, dogs, kids, bed.

    I love your splits, Vanilla.

    BTW, I saw this Moment of Truth on The Soup today, and was mortified.

    Sick chit, that.

  8. Love the splits but why not post them Wednesday and make them hump day splits?

  9. I am baffled by the moment of truth.




    running time.

    love the splits.


  10. I'm relatively new to your blog, but I enjoy your Weekend Splits posts. Sundays are my rest days and by about 3PM I always find myself 'resting' in front of the computer. :o)

  11. I like the splits! Keep! But I could settle for weekday splits if you don't want to post on weekends...

  12. Yes, readership plumets over the weekend; what is everyone doing? Enjoying their lives?! Craziness.

    Admittedly, I never connect to the links, but I do kinda like your breakdown of interestng things rom the week.

  13. I love the splits too. And I do clink on some of the links.

    If the splits were moved to a weekday I could handle it, but I would miss them.

  14. I like them. But maybe you could condense them, just do a couple highlights, or just leave them up through Monday.

  15. I find your weekend splits a valuable source of information about other excellent blogs. And I'm not just saying that because you mentioned mine this week.(Thank you very much, by the way!)

    Having said that, it's only A Good Thing if you're feelin' the love. I do really like the idea of Wednesday splits.

  16. I enjoy them. It's a good way to find other good blogs I didn't know about with out exerting much effort. Every other week would be cool. Maybe Monday morning splits or something.

  17. That opening picture hurts just to look at it. Ouch!

    FWIW, I like the weekend splits, even if I don't get to them until Monday.

  18. I'm voting yes - especially since I made it into it! I've finally arrived. Whew. I'm honored and humbled you'd steal my picture. Many blessings :)

  19. I saw that episode of moment of truth...holy crap.

  20. I always read Weekend Splits ... on Monday.

  21. As a blogger you have taken on the responsibility of giving people frivolous entertainment. I am certain that keeping a consistent blog is a huge dedication of time and mental strain. I don't believe that this devotion should falter simply because the work week is over and it hurts your' glutes. Life doesn't simply stop with the work whistle. Look at this as though it is a marathon and the weekend is mile 20, all you want to do is quit but you can't because there are people rooting for you and you've already put so much blood and sweat into where you are. I guess what I'm trying to convey here is two fold: I enjoy the weekend splits and two: you need to quit your' carping and as Chopper Reid says "harden the frick up!"

  22. Love the splits. And I read them on the weekend. Are there seriously people who don't read blogs on the weekends? That would mean that most people are 'bloggin' at work...

    But, it's your blog, man, so if it's too much, do what you need to.


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