Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday and if you’re unlucky enough to be stuck at work without the benefit of a TV to watch March Madness then you’re probably looking for something to pass the time during this lazy Friday. Perhaps that’s what brought you here to Half-Fast today. Unfortunately, it’s a lazy Friday for me too and I don’t feel like writing a big, long, entertaining post, but what I can offer you is this wonderful little game based on the movie Run Fatboy Run. In the game you are trying to burst all the blisters on Dennis’ feet. Once you get past the disgusting nature of what you are pretending to do in this game it is actually kind of fun. My high score thus far is 583 points. Telling you that is my way of slapping you in the face with a leather glove, throwing down the gauntlet, drawing a line in the sand and challenging you to a duel. That’s right, you heard me. IT’S ON!

UPDATE: UGH! I was originally attempting to place the widget in this post to allow you to play the game right here at Half-Fast but either the widget sucks or I’m an idiot. Most likely it’s the latter but for some reason when I embed the widget all the other images here at Half-Fast disappear. So if you want to play the game you’ll have to go visit the widget on Facebook, where they know how to properly install widgets. NERDS!!


  1. i've got enough march madness going on at home . . . but the lazy friday idea i'm into.

  2. I love it, but who's blisters sound like that when you pop them? Certainly not mine. My make a sound akin to the singing of the highest chorus of angels.

  3. Awesome game. I can't wait for that movie!


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