Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend Splits

Weekend Splits is my recap of things that I found interesting or humorous over the past week. If you have a submission for the weekend splits e-mail me.

I found a lot of good links for the Weekend Splits this past week, but this is going to be a somewhat abridged version of what I normally post because it’s been a busy weekend and I don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into this post. Here are the links:

  • J-Money’s workout numbers are quite impressive and she uses tastier energy bars than I do.
  • Sister Skinny posted a video that by their own admission is neither insightful nor clever, it is very amusing though. Especially if you are amused by 6th grade fart humor like I am.
  • Crabby at Cranky Fitness has trouble thinking and exercising. I used to have this problem until I gave up thinking, life’s much easier that way.
  • Running Jayhawk posted a letter exposing a runner she caught cheating at a race. I was going to cheat at my next race, but I’ve decided against it now.
  • RazZDoodle posted the 5 Stages of Treadmill Running and it’s well worth your time to read, that way you will be able to identify those disturbing feelings that you’re experience while you’re treadmilling.

Comment of the week:
RazZDoodle on my Men’s Running Skirt post:
“It kinda looks like something Rocky would wear if he fought someone in Glasgow.”

Random Non-Running Related Video of the Week
Tony vs. Paul is one of the most viewed videos that I’ve seen on YouTube so you may have already seen it but it’s worth watching again. It’s a cool little stop motion video. It took 2 and a half months to make and is 5 minutes long, and people think that runners are crazy.

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy running!

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