Tuesday, February 12, 2008

There Once Was a Man from Nantucket...

Just a short post today as I have another article up over at CRN. For some reason I was inspired to try my hand at limericks. I don’t know why.

There once was a runner called Half-Fast,
Whose limericks were quite unsurpassed.
He gave it a try,
Without knowing why,
And discovered he was having a blast.

Now Half-Fast had a pair of Mizunos,
And he frequently lamented their woes.
When the snow came in dumps,
They turned into pumps,
And when you’re trying to run, that blows!

The Mizunos ad group must be full of deceit,
But I suppose it would be hard to compete,
If you played a fair game,
And your slogan became;
“It’s like getting kicked in the nuts for your feet!”

Now I sent them off to Reuse-A-Shoe,
Without even bidding them a formal adieu,
Then I told them a lie,
With a gleam in my eye,
“This hurts me much more than it hurts you.”

If you don’t know what the Reuse-A-Shoe program is then you should go and read my post over at CRN, Your Right to Shoes. Writing that article is partially what inspired this post. Do you think that Mizuno will be contacting me to offer me free shoes anytime soon?


  1. If you get the shoes (a certificate would be best). . . you could Give them to the SHAVE YOUR 5K winner. . . . it'll be winter again by then & you won't want them. :o)

  2. Sometimes it is scary how creative you are :-)

  3. “It’s like getting kicked in the nuts for your feet!”

    That line? Is Pure Comedy Gold.

    Thanks for the laugh!!

  4. Oh Vanilla, you crack me up. And those shoes turning in to pumps still floors me. I was thinking the same thing about the Mizuno people, you never know. They will probably beg the awesome and all powerful Vanilla to give another pair a try. Would you say no?

    I was thinking the same thing about my sausage shirt. I hate that thing. Should have written the brand name in the post. hee hee

  5. Thank you for the reminder about shoes. Hopefully we are going to have a shoe-a-thon associated with one of the virtual races to see how many old pairs we can get donated.

  6. I love it! You are a funny guy.


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