Monday, February 18, 2008

The Shave Your 5K Challenge

This is your comprehensive guide to the Shave Your 5K Challenge. It will contain links to all the posts about the SY5K Challenge as well as results which will be updated as I receive them. If you haven’t heard about the SY5K Challenge then this is the place to start. If you have heard about it then just skip this post, its sole purpose is to give me a place to host the results that can be linked to from the Shave Your 5K tab above.

The basic idea is to see who can shave the most time off their 5K time during 2008, so everyone will run a 5K at the beginning of the year and another one at the end of the year. The winner is the person that shows the greatest improvement. To enter just e-mail me your name (or online identity), your 5K time, and the name and date of the race. That’s the short version, if you want all the fine print and the terms and conditions see the links below.

Stubble Time Results
17:05 running private
17:10 Paul
17:27 Andrew
17:44 Relentless Runner
19:25 speedygeoff
19:36 Paul
20:18 Turi
20:41 J-Money
21:02 Bill
21:30 Ewen
21:44 kyle
22:01 Kevin
22:18 Shoreturtle
22:43 KdoubleA
23:06 MMCS(SW/AW) Jason Tucker
23:08 Eric Gervase
23:16 Marcy
23:19 Sarah
24:12 Chad Stevens
24:36 kara
24:37 Laura
24:37 Renée
25:37 Viper
25:52 John
25:56 Vanilla
25:59 Meg
26:09 Strugglepants
26:16 Kristin
26:22 Tall Girl Running
26:35 Jon
26:38 Kaeti
26:40 Amanda
26:43 Karen
26:53 K
27:05 Christine
27:12 Maddy
27:26 Irene
27:33 Tiggs
27:34 Glaven Q. Heisenberg
27:45 Bryan Daneman
27:49 Robert
28:00 Reluctant Runner
28:02 Nikki
28:14 runatthemouth
28:19 Sherry
28:30 suzee
28:34 Aaron
28:45 audgepodge
29:16 Dawnie
29:21 Sarah
29:40 Ali
30:02 sherijung
30:20 Eric
30:22 Jeanne
30:39 Jennie
30:48 Gary
30:50 KimsRunning
30:54 Jess
30:56 Derek
31:01 AndrewE
31:04 Cropstar
31:04 Yas
31:07 Slow Poke
31:09 Donna
31:15 Jim
31:34 Pam
31:40 Non-Runner Nancy
31:48 Chris
31:54 Mrs. Half-Fast
32:11 Linda
32:41 lifestudent
32:52 Bev
34:02 MissAllycat
34:08 jkrunning
34:41 lil 1/2 pint
35:01 J~Mom
35:43 *lisa*
35:46 Mike
35:47 Jill
35:57 Viv
36:07 Katie
37:31 miss petite america
37:36 Darlene
38:40 })i({ Runnergirl
39:03 Danielle
39:14 Stacy
39:15 Theresa
39:37 Shaun
40:16 Jenn
40:30 Anna
41:55 Bill
44:38 Kitzzy
45:18 311boysmom
57:45 Melissa
1:02:40 Darla

Let me know if any of these results are incorrect, or if you want me to change the link or name etc. Results will be added within a few days of me reading your entry e-mail, which may be drastically different from the date that I receive your entry e-mail.


  1. I still haven't found a 5K in NYC! They tend to do all 4 milers for some reason. Will keep looking...

  2. Thanks, Vanilla for hosting such an awesome challenge.

  3. I just ran my 5K this morning specifically for your challenge - what a fun idea!

    Here's the report:

    Audrey: 28:45

  4. It's all good ;D Thanks Vanilla!

  5. Thank you for organizing all of the information for us!

  6. Wow... I was really shocked to find a 5K in Michigan in this horrific weather. Alright, I guess I'm going to have to sign up for one of these puppies!

    Loads of love and luck to all participants!

  7. Dadgumit! Now I have to enter this challenge and I had been working so hard to avoid running. I'll have to look at the race calendars around here to see what 5K is coming up - I haven't run since November, so this should be interesting...

  8. Since I am so close to the bottom, I can only hope that I will make great gains come next winter! :)

  9. I'm so excited to be the middle of the pack here. I should get bonus points for having run my stubble time on New Year's Day in my jammies after partying all night. Come to think of it, I PR with that 31:34, so maybe I should run hung-over more often. Hey - where's that Clif Bar wine link again???

  10. Cool, but I don't see my entry (Theresa aka Reluctant Runner). My time: 28:00. Let me know if I should e-mail again.

  11. I'm running my first 5K on March 15. My stubble time will undoubtedly be determined by how much St. Patty's celebrating I decide to do the night before...and the morning of.

  12. Thanks for doing all of this!

  13. I'm so excited that I'm in the middle. I'll be thrilled if I can stay there!

  14. Shouldn't Vanilla start and/or finish in the middle?

  15. These are some fast times, good job to everyone..

  16. I forget where we put upcoming races.

    Another site, rite? CRS disease.

  17. Viper's in with a 25:37 stubble

  18. dang I'm toward the bottom, it's time for some speed work.

  19. Yippee.. I shaved off 10 seconds yesterday.



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