Thursday, February 7, 2008

Shave Your 5K Suggestions

I’ve already written way too much about the Shave Your 5K Challenge so it’s probably the last thing you want to hear me drone on about in today’s post. But look, here I go, typing away, not caring. I’m forging ahead with some dos and don’ts for those of you participating in the SY5K Challenge.
  • Do get faster this year.
  • Don’t get slower this year.
  • Do use the CRN Race Calendar. It’s a really useful calendar that will allow everyone to see when you’re going to be racing and I strongly urge you to use it. If you include “SY5K” somewhere in the title of your race entry I will even be able to create a special feed or widget for the contest. I’m not sure yet if I will do that, but I could do it and that’s comforting to know.
  • Do pick a flat 5K to race for your smooth time.
  • Don’t accidentally pick a 5 mile race.
  • Don’t forgo entering the contest because you are training for a longer distance. I’ve seen several people mention that their goal this year is specifically to run longer distances not to get faster. I was guilty of the inverse of this at the beginning of the year but getting faster and getting longer are not mutually exclusive. Last year I trained to run a half marathon which was a longer distance than I had ever run before, the end result of my training was not only that I could run more miles than before but also that I was faster than before. Your marathon or half marathon training will also benefit your 5K time, in fact in my most recent copy of Runner’s World magazine they stated that “runners training for a longer event, like a half or full marathon, can use 5-Ks in place of speedwork... It's a good way to race into shape.”
  • Don’t forget to e-mail me your results.
  • Do include all pertinent information in your e-mail.
  • Do feel free to talk trash to other participants.
  • Do pick a 5K with a good post race spread.
  • Don’t get “chicked,” unless you are a girl in which case…
  • Do “chick” some poor guy when you kick to the finish.
  • Don’t be faster than me. That’s just rude.


  1. Great reminders, thanks!

    With that said...I am so kicking Marcy's butt. I already beat her at PF Chang's and she still thinks she is faster then me. Whateva.

    Oh did you mean trash talk here?

  2. That's only because you bitch punched me in the face. You're going D-O-W-N Java!! :P

  3. I can't believe how very lame this area is. I can't find a 5K to save my life. Michigan had St. Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day 5K's all over the place. Upstate NY sucks. I'm going to have to run one in June. :(

  4. Heh...I signed up for my first 5K ever. I picked 30th of March to give myself as much time as possible.

  5. Roll on the 29th of February, first road race of the year and luckily a 5k too.

  6. I think, Vanilla, that you will most certainly get "chicked" by one of these blogger babes. My money is on Marcy, but I bet there are several who can smoke ya!

  7. Vanilla, you're just asking for it now. I'm going to put on my wig and sports bra and join these ladies in chicking you ... or would that be called something else?

    jon, keep your eyes peeled. 5Ks seem to pop out of nowhere. I too didn't see any 5Ks near me and just this week I found a new one next month in my own city. Good luck finding a race.

  8. I have to admit, I do love to "chick" poor unsuspecting men at the finish of a race!

  9. I like the tip of using 5K's as speed work. Speed work is not even in my vocab yet.

  10. I still need to FIND a 5k. New York Road Runners seems to put on a lot more 4Ms than 5ks, at least till later in the year.

  11. Faster than you? Ha! I aspire to be "half-fast".


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