Friday, January 18, 2008

Video Friday

Today I’m breaking out Video Friday, lots of videos, not much typing. You get all the laughs and enjoyment that you’ve come to expect here at Half-Fast, and I get to write less. It’s a win - win situation. The good news is that I think most of these videos are actually related to running in some shape or form.

The first video was posted a couple of days ago by Frayed Laces.

I think I first saw this next video on Orange Trails.

LOL!!!!! OMG was that Lance? OMG I totally <3 Lance!!!!!!!11!! He’s teh GOAT!!!11!!!!!

Personally, I’m with the customer in that last video. I thought a little light cardio sounded pretty good. Have you ever tried to run on a treadmill after “feeding the warrior 20lbs?” No thank you.

I’ve never ridden for 23 days on a bike nor would I care too, but even I know how nice it is when something is flat. Oh yeah, and by the way if you don’t care for Lance Armstrong that much then you can probably just skip the rest of the videos. I’m not his biggest fan, but he sure is a funny guy.

And finally I leave you with one that is less funny and more motivational. Enjoy.


  1. I love the two of Lance working in Dicks, hilarious!

  2. LMAO! Those are pretty good!

  3. Those are awesome. I love the ones when he is Manager Lance. LMAO!

    He is motivating.
    Thanks for the videos

  4. My other secret is out, now everybody knows the how I got my ENERGY LEGS!

  5. He's not exactly my favorite either but those were pretty good.

    I just read somewhere that he's using his NY time to qualify and run Boston this year.

  6. great lance video choices, but my favorite is still the sportscenter commercial where you find that espn is powered completely by lance's spinning.

  7. Ooh, lance opened a can of "in your face" to america in that last video. He is so hardcore.

  8. "Like a blacksmith to the forge"

    I love it. It's becoming part of my everyday speech.

  9. I'm strangely drawn to Lance, even though I think he is kind of an arrogant a-hole. But he's got the goods to back it I guess he can act however he wants. :)

  10. NOW i love lance! those are hilarious.

  11. apparently, someone has a man-crush on lance! where's the clip of his cameo in "dodgeball"?

  12. You know, there's nothing illegal about being a bit of a dick, and like Allison said, he's definitely not a just ball of hot air. Just ask that elephant.
    There's a special place on the planet for Lance, and arrogant or not, I'm glad he's here.
    But I would never have broken up with Sheryl Crow, certainly not for the Olson twins.


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