Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mixing your Brands

I had a good run last night. My streetlight turned off again, but didn’t attempt any other form of communication with me. That’s OK though because I was moving too fast to pay any attention to it. I decided to make last night’s run a tempo run, and see how fast I could rip off 4 miles. Answer: 34:23

Here are my splits:
Mile 1 - 8:42
Mile 2 - 8:29
Mile 3 - 8:33
Mile 4 - 8:39

I was feeling pretty good about the effort when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. The first thing I noticed (other than my chiseled physique) was that my clothes did not match at all, and I don’t mean color wise. I had completely mismatched my brands. I was wearing a C9 (Target brand) base layer, a Nike technical shirt, Adidas pants, Under Armor gloves, Brooks socks, Mizuno shoes and Calvin Klein underwear uh... just ignore that last one. It’s no wonder that I ran so fast, think of all the slogans that those brands represent: Just Do It (Nike), Impossible Is Nothing (Adidas), Never Never Never Stop* (Brooks), Serious Performance (Mizuno), Protect This House, (Under Armor), and Expect More Pay Less (Target). OK, well maybe not that last one, but the rest of them are inspirational. It’s no wonder that I ran so well last night.

Just think what I could have done if I’d been wearing my Reebok hat too. Reebok: Run Easy ... oh... wait... actually, never mind. In conclusion, I think the key to running faster is mixing up all your brand slogans. Give it a try!

* I really couldn’t find a Brooks slogan anywhere except this link which talks about them using the slogan mentioned above, but the article is dated July 1991.


  1. I'm glad that pesky light is leaving you alone.

    I'm a total "Brand Whore" - can't committ to just one and like to mix it up :) ha ha.

  2. Maybe thats why my recovery has been going so well! On a typical run I'll wear Underarmour base layer, Nike socks, Asics shoes, New Balance jacket, Nike sunglasses, off-brand running pants, and North Face gloves.

    It sounds like my secret is out...

  3. Whir....slogan blender.....

    Easy Performance. Expect More. Nothing is serious. Just Run. Stop Less.

  4. As long as each brand sells tons of pink stuff, I'm color coordinated, and don't care about mixing brands. Live on the edge - wear what you want!

  5. Maybe your wife would find "expect more, pay less" an inspiring logo for you to adopt? I'll check with my husband to see if he would be willing to take this as a motto ...though I'm not hopeful. :-)

  6. I bought a pair of Brooks running shoes this week. The inside of the box says, "Thanks for picking me! I'm your new running partner. The people here at Brooks designed me using advanced technologies for cushioning, stability, comfort, and speed. I'm tested year-round--in the lab, on the road, on all kinds of feet. All so you end up with the perfect shoe for your foot and the way you run. So, come on. Let's get going: 5k, 10k, around the block?"

    Below that it says, "Run happy!"

    I'm guessing the current slogan is "Run happy!"

  7. Thanks for sharing that MightyDuck, but I have to say: What a stupid slogan. As if you could be happy when you were running.

  8. I'm gonna bet that your colors didn't match either.

  9. Ahh now the question is race day...we all want to look our best for that finishers photo!

  10. That is a speedy 4 miler! Until you get one brand to endorse you, I think sportin a variety is a good plan!

  11. Maybe the online marketing folks will come give you presents. The Brooks lady visited Pokey when she has having wardrobe issues for RNR. She gave her free Brooks pants to wear. I was green with envy.

    Mine is mostly that Expect More Pay Less brand :D

  12. Vanilla, I don't run anywhere. Ever. I used to run if chased, but now, I think I'd play dead instead....

    I have no idea how someone would be happy if they were running...unless the shoes are meant for my dog. She's happy when she's running. :-)

  13. Oh I definitely mix my brands, but that s#!+ isn't helping at all!

  14. But, you're not a real runner until you're wearing Pearl Izumi shoes! :)

    (I've been waiting for a good chance to say that.)

    Seriously, though, even according to Pearl Izumi, you're a runner because you ran faster. Good run.


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