Saturday, December 22, 2007

Weekend Splits - Holiday Edition

Weekend Splits is my recap of things that I found interesting or humorous over the past week. If you have a submission for the weekend splits e-mail me.

Do the holidays have you all stressed out? Head on over to Pieces Of Me to read how she deals with stress and print out a copy of her handy-dandy stress reduction kit (below).

Paul the Recovering Runner brings us the news that the Beer World Record was recently broken. Jim Finlayson ran a 5:09 mile on a track, stopping after each lap to chug a beer. Perhaps we could arrange some kind of virtual race like this next year, I know that I could get the Booze Hounds Inc. Running Team on board.

Ted’s Running Journal posted a video of a hippo running on a treadmill. More importantly he used the word “treadmilling” as a verb which I was trying to popularize back on this post. I'm not sure if he read that post and is using it in support of my trying to popularize it or if he is just a creative genius like me. After all, they say that great minds think alike and so do mine and Ted’s!

The Science of Sport reports that Oscar Pistorius was banned by the IAAF. This has been a fascinating story to follow, and I find myself siding with Jonathan and Ross over at the Science of Sport which is to say that I agree that he should not be allowed to compete with able-bodied runners. Of course I haven’t really read the other side of the argument but I like to make my decisions without all the pertinent information, it’s why prosecuting attorneys refer to me as “the perfect juror”. Or maybe it has something to do with how my butt looks in my suit, I don’t know.
Random Non-Running Related Video of the Week

Posting will be sporadic at best this week and I know that you don’t care because you’re probably reading this the week after Christmas if at all. I was going to try to post regularly during the week of Christmas but sitemeter tells me that very few of you are still actually visiting Half-Fast. Jerks. Like your families are more interesting than I am?

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. "sitemeter tells me that very few of you are still actually visiting Half-Fast". Yes, but we still read what you have to say, via "google reader".

  2. oh Vanilla- you are way more interesting than my family, hence - I'm still here, reading - on a Holiday Weekend. Or wait, maybe I'm just more pathetic than I thought. Either way, thanks for the holla. yo.

    And count me in if there's a beer virtual race. That's something I could get on board with for sheezy.

  3. Merry Christmas from a loyal reader!!!

  4. LMAO I'm with POM. You see me here, correct? That means I'd rather read then deal with 2 screaming children, my parents, as well as the IL's :-X

  5. Yeah, the holidays really interfere with Blog traffic, don't they? Well, I'm still here. I'm loyal.

  6. Merry Christmas to you form a loyal reader.

  7. Hey, I've got 2 days until my family is not entirely more important than you.

  8. Very glad to hear about the BeerMile, and I'm totally up for a virtual race of that nature. Also, what is this with everyone thinking that holidays make people busy? Holidays are when I want to read blogs and watch new episodes of my favorite TV shows! :)

    Merry Christmas :)


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