Monday, December 10, 2007

Site News - Housekeeping

I’d like to take care of couple of housekeeping items. (My wife is shaking her head in disbelief right now because she didn’t think that word was even in my vocabulary.)

1. Allow me to apologize for the lack of posts around here lately, there’s a very good explanation for it but I don’t feel like talking about it, so back off man! I am getting back to my regular schedule of posting 4-5 times during the week and once on Saturday for the Weekend Splits. This will continue until Christmas when I will post about as often as I do actual housekeeping, and boy won't those be crazy days what with all the flying pigs and hell having frozen over.

2. I’d like to welcome my real-life friends to my blog. Yes I have real live friends, and no, I hadn’t told them that I had a blog. Why? Because very few (if any) of them are as passionate about running as I am and also because I didn’t want them to know how much of a geek I really was. Last week a friend of mine found Half-Fast and soon realized that Vanilla was a guy that he’d known for the last 15 years. I think it was the race pictures that tipped him off. Yes this blog is written by Ian. Yes, THAT Ian - as if you knew any other Ian’s.

3. I will post an 8 on the 8th virtual race report this evening, or maybe tomorrow morning, or whenever I feel like doing so. I was originally planning on posting this on Saturday, but rest assured it will be worth the wait.

4. I am fully aware that I said I was going to take care of “a couple” of housekeeping items and then posted 4 bullet points. I am also fully aware that “a couple” means 2, but perhaps bullet points 3 and 4 are not considered housekeeping items. Did that even occur to you before you jumped to point out my mistake? No. Perhaps it would have been easier to just go back and edit my original sentence to say “4 housekeeping items” but that’s just not my style.


  1. "whenever you feel like it" is fine. :D

    Instead of linking to you I just said you were still trying to think of something clever to say. hee hee


  2. my wife does that too. "Honey, I got just a couple of housekeeping chores for you." and then blam, I'm hit with 226 things to do over the weekend. Just for that I'm cancelling the "Why everyone loves Half-Fast post" I was going to write.

  3. Hey, everyone's entitled to an UBH every once in a while (unscheduled blog hiatis, that is). Just don't make a habit of it, because Half-Fast is addictive (unlike morning runs ... I'm still not convinced about those).

    As for inviting real live friends to read your blog ... glad they're supportive. Most of mine act like I invited them to watch me play in a weekend-long marathon Dungeons and Dragons tournament. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  4. i stayed in the running blog closet for a long time. i mean, my friends' knew i was obsessed with running, but letting them read about exactly how obsessed was another whole matter.

  5. Yeah, Originally, I invited EVERYONE I knew I was so excited. THen I realized, they don't care about htis stuff. . . my sister reads me, but for info to give my mom, who could read me & doesn't.

    My favorite Supplier, who I never met IRL, ended up in a Yoga class I took & she reads me. . . she used to run, btu hated it & LOVED Yoga. . . .she does the whole Yoga week retreats; I tried getting her to BLOG, but no-luck so far.

    BTW< sorry to hear about your friend.

  6. My real life friends were my original following. But my family? Pretty sure no one reads.

  7. So us blog followers are not real friends. Hmmm, No Comment....:)

    We are never out from under the honeydoo list, I look forward to the weekends being over sometimes, because the list is too long.


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