Friday, November 16, 2007

Winter Gear

The end of daylight savings time is depressing. The days feel shorter, it’s colder outside, it’s harder to see when I’m out running, if I didn’t know any better I’d think that I was dying. Of course I’m not dying, at least not any more than the rest of you are. In these cold and dark times I need some advice. What do you wear when you go running in the cold darkness of winter?

Viper has a couple of posts about good reflective wear and how to stay warm. I’m really liking the Reflecto-Vest idea but I need some more ideas on warm gear to run in before I end up freezing. No one wants to see Vanilla, ice. Wow, look at that - the jokes really do write themselves (not very well, but by themselves nonetheless).

I currently own one warm running shirt that wicks away sweat and keeps me warm, the one you see in the picture above. I wear the ski mask thing over my nose so that it doesn’t freeze and so I cannot smell my one and only winter running shirt, which often goes running multiple times between washes. If you’re running the 8 on the 8th, you should be glad it’s a virtual race because you won't have to smell my running shirt unless you live in Colorado or maybe Nebraska or Kansas if it’s windy.

When that shirt is in the wash I usually go with an Under Armor heat gear compression shirt and a hooded sweatshirt. This works OK and has the added benefit of making me feel like Rocky Balboa or LL Cool J “I’m gonna knock you out, Mama said knock you out!”

So let’s hear it. What do you wear when it’s cold out? Oh, and before any of you year-round-warm-climate folks chime in with chippy remarks about how you don’t have to worry about this kind of thing, allow me to invite you to help yourselves to a bucketful of SHUT UP JUICE! Yeah, you know who you are.


  1. Get a new running shirt, man! C'mon treat yourself. I just got a sweet GoLite reflective long-sleeve and a couple of pairs of Nike pants (one fleece-lined). A good wind-blocking running jacket is key. Mine is Saucony, reflective, very light weight and I wear my short sleeves under.

    An ear band and good light-weight gloves, too.

  2. OMG OMG OMG This was was of the best posts eva!!! Love the visual!
    With that being said. I just wear a loin cloth when I run :P

  3. Still figuring the cold weather running out. But maybe I will try the loin cloth suggestion.

  4. Yeah, I am new to all of this - so this will be my first winter running. I like that vest idea.

  5. That bit&h Marcy stole my loin cloth joke. :D

    Layers, lot of Layers. And thou shalt cover thy ears.

    No one wants to see Vanilla, ice. That made me laugh.

  6. Thanks for the shout out. For when it's really cold, the C9 (Champion) 'base layer' gear at Target is pretty darn good--and cheap. It's pretty much wicking long-johns. They have tops and bottoms.

    And by all means, get another long sleeve tech shirt. Help us all avoid Vanilla funk.

  7. Last year I ran through the -20 wind chills in Illinois. I'm not sure if you're going to run when its THAT cold, but to keep warm here is what was essential:

    Moisture wicking first layer, gotta have it or you're gonna get wet and freeze.

    Other layers. Use whatever. Old t-shirts work just fine.

    Wind breaker, I wear this on top to, obviously, break the wind. No matter how many other layers you have on, the wind will cut straight through it if you don't have this!

    Don't be afraid to wear multiple pairs of socks.

    And the bit of advice Marcy really loved: put Vaseline on any exposed skin on your face, it feels weird but will break the wind. Although that isn't really needed unless we're talking sub-zero temps.

  8. Tights. Two sizes too small.
    Be sure to post pics.
    Thank you.

  9. Make sure to take care of your third leg (if you know what I mean) when it's really cold

  10. I used to live in Colorado and do remember how crazy the weather was in Denver. It fluctuated like crazy! One day, its warm and the next day is blizzard. My closet was a mess as I was trying to figure out what to wear. They say if you don't like the weather in Denver, wait for 10 minutes, it will change dramatically.
    Here's the website that can help you...

  11. I don't know what is funnier! This post or the comments. Marcy really does run in a loin cloth and she has promised to wear one to RnR Arizona.

    I actually need to get some more warm stuff for this winter. The few pieces I have are not going to last long :P

  12. Dude, I totally win in the warm weather department. Although Hawaii's getting a bit brisk--it dipped into the 70's the other day!
    Okay, okay, before you send me hate mail---when I lived in Boston I used to wear a Nike top that was similar to an Underarmour. But I second the windbreaker. I always wore a Nike running jacket on top. It had zip vents that I could open if I got too steamy. Most importantly, it helped deflect water when I ran in the snow. Nothing sucks more than being cold and wet.

  13. The least you could do is buy pants and shirts that match. Navy blue and black??? Come on. Or you could just quit whining about the cold weather and run on your treadmill.

  14. I'm like frayed laces, yesterday was a balmy 94F and the family went to the beach...gotta love LA for something, although when I was driving to a race a month ago the ice alarm went off in my car...what the; must have been a malfunction. But seriously it's all about layers, wicking and wind proofing and then you need to think about what clothes to wear.

    But you could go with the loin cloth, once everything is frozen it can't get any colder...right?

  15. ok. If I saw you running up behind me in that gear, I would think you were going to steal my purse. ha ha then again I'm in Cali, so that face mask thing is reserved for bandit-types.

    Oh, and i'm in on the 8th run, so be prepared to be "chicked." hee hee.

  16. I'm actually surprised that Amy didn't take the wind breaker conversation for a ride and turn it into a discussion on breaking wind. That's how my grandmother refered to it as the f*rt word was too irreverent. I agree on the ninja comments. I think if you're going with the Vanilla thing, why not just get all white running wear? Granted, it's after Labor Day, but your're not a chick, gal or damsel so I don't think that rule applies.

    BTW, I live in Kansas, and since the wind does blow here from your direction, I second the motion to buy more shirts.

  17. One are funkalicious. Try Marshall's or TJMAX whatever you have near you, they tend to have a good amount of dry fit stuff. I got some great warm running shirts for like 10 bucks a piece last year.


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