Monday, November 12, 2007

Site News

Check it out. Half-Fast now comes with tabs. They’re sugar free and they taste better than any diet cola because I care about my readers. I’ve felt for some time now that the side bar on the right was getting a little cluttered so some of those things have been moved into the tabs that you now hopefully see below the banner image. I like the new look and I hope that you do too. If you have any technical problems with the site please let me know, if you have any problems with the content of the site you can stick it in your ear.

Also, consider this post fair warning that Half-Fast will be selling out sometime in the near future. I’ve always wondered what would possess people to have those Google Ads plastered all over their blogs, but did you guys know that they pay you to put those Ads on your site? Crazy huh? I looked into putting Google Ads on Half-Fast a few months ago but I was only going to make 3¢ /month and quite frankly it was insulting, I felt that my time and effort was worth more than 3¢/month. However, Christmas is coming up and if I’m really honest my time and effort might not be worth more than 3¢/month.

And now, in honor of my new tabs I leave you with a 1960s Tab commercial that oozes awesome, and chauvinistic overtones.

Ladies, are you a mindsticker?


  1. Tabs! I want Tabs too! How'd ya do that?

    And re: selling out--it's funny both how little money you can make and how seriously you start to take it. Wow 7 cents today and yesterday was only six, I'm doing great!

    We bloggers are sort of like little kids with lemonade stands--(only they make way more than we do).

    Of course you probably have some actual visitor traffic, so your mileage may vary.

  2. Total upgrade!! Very nice very nice!

  3. So...if I drink sugar free soda, I'll stay thin and will therefore remain foremost in my husband's mind? Holy crap, I'm glad it's 2007 and commercials like that have become extinct!

    Nice job on the blog upgrade. how'd you do that? Magic?

    RE selling out to the "man": I just hope none of your ads will feature Tab.

  4. Nice pimped out blog, lovin the tabs.
    Gotta get some Tab. I wanna be a mindsticker..LMAO!

  5. Should I be amused or disturbed that you have created a "sexism" tag? Oh, the conundrum!

  6. Frayed Laces. You should be disturbed because I didn't create it for this post. I had already used it on at least one other post in the past.

  7. Nice running blog! Although I'm obviously getting here a little late for the party - just in time for monetization! Whee!

    Matt (free tabs!)

  8. Excellent! Much easier to keep tabs on you ;)

  9. Love the tabs. Now how do I copy that?

  10. Wow - that is really high tech.


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